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TV presenter Irina Mishina: biography, photo and family

Irina Mishina is a very strong person. While still a small child, she was left without a mother and therefore became an adult and serious early. Irina wanted to become a public person from an early age, which she did.

Hard childhood

Root Muscovite very early left without a mother, so the education of the girl was engaged in the father. However, he worked very hard, and Ira always went with him on business trips.

The girl was a bit strange and very serious for her age. At fourteen she already knew that in the future, either an actress or a journalist would grow out of her. In any case, Ira wanted to be in close contact with the public.

My father rarely saw him, he worked almost all the time, and Misha had no girlfriends. Because of her pride, the future presenter did not allow herself to be pitied by the people, and in friendship she preferred boys because they did not ask for too much.

It was in the year of graduation that Ilya's father died. She was completely alone.

Spun as she could

Immediately Irina wanted to receive money, having handed over the gold medal to the pawnshop, but she was not accepted. And then she remembered that she was sending some articles to the newspaper, and they even began to print. For about a year Irina received prizes. Then, having received the characteristic and having excellent written examination paper, the girl entered the faculty of journalism. The diligent student constantly wrote a lot, so she studied perfectly. The guys from her faculty were not serious for the girl, she was waiting for her king.

The King in the Life of Irina

Mishina came to take part in the General Department of External Relations of the USSR State Television and Radio, which was headed by a rather famous person - Korolev Lev Andreevich. The main opposition in his life was the struggle of power with a creative temperament. Korolyov did not tolerate women, but he still hired Irina.

After some time, the boss invited Mishin to a date, and this was the beginning of their relationship. On the first walk he made a proposal to the girl, despite the fact that he was married. Irina agreed without hesitation.

A tall, respectable, superbly dressed and confident man, Korolev looked like his father Mishina, which attracted her attention. A real king for a girl. Not surprisingly, Irina Mishina, whose photo is presented in the article, just fell in love.

The difference in age was about thirty years, which embarrassed the Queen. Even in his diaries he wrote that in their novel "there was something wrong and pernicious."

Once Irina Mishina became very ill, she had problems with the lungs. The lion was vigorously recognizing in different hospitals and clinics what could be done, but the answer was the same: she did not have much time left. That is why he decisively started treatment by his own methods: he cooked and watched the food, there were mandatory walks and twice a year the man took the beloved to warm regions. As a result, two years later, the lungs were clear in the picture. The doctors were at a loss.

One day the Queen felt uneasy, Irina did not understand why. After a decade, it turned out that Leo is sick of what he saved his beloved from, lung cancer.

In the life of Irina Mishina, this love was, on the one hand, unexpected, but on the other - disastrous. Leo did not hide their novel, in those years it was considered a defiant act. After that, he was quickly deprived of his post for an immoral and unbecoming behavior of a communist. Korolyov took all his punishment to his account, so nobody touched Mishin. However, all of her eschewed and whispered among themselves.

For a long time the process of divorce of the Queen with his wife, he often got drunk, and sometimes went into drinking. Irina Mishina suffered everything, and she never visited the idea of ending the relationship, she was very fond of. On the advice that she immediately threw it, Mishina did not react. It was the only person in her life. Irina had no one else.

A decisive start to a career

Mishina decided to put her beloved on her feet, and to do this, you had to start earning money. So began a career at Gosteleradio.

More than four years have passed, and the couple has legalized the relationship.

So, already Irina Mishina - presenter, works in the TV program "120 minutes", which appeared on air in the morning. Then she switches to the program "Time". The leading indicators of the ratings of the leading ones were always behind Mishina.

It is rumored that at that moment Alexander Nevzorov fell in love with her and began to persistently seek Irina's attention. They have a romance. Alexander very gently and romantically courted Mishina: he met me elegantly in St. Petersburg, he took me to expensive restaurants. However, when Irina insistently said "no", then mud poured into her address. She did not hold resentment in herself, because she considered it a petty act.

Korolev was not a jealous husband, which was even insulting to Irina. He was sure that eventually the beloved would return to the family. And it happened.

Suspension from the air

Various rumors were about why Irina Mishina left the program "Time". After one of the issues, the presenter started demanding a percentage, which she did not actually receive. And the editor-in-chief said that Irina no longer works on live broadcasts.

Mishina still had a contract with the agency "Reuters". And it was not so bad. Irina Mishina - the host of the program "Big Planet", continued to do her favorite thing. She worked there for several months after the murder of Vlad Listyev, and everything began to pour in dust. On television, everything has changed globally, and in Mishina's life a series of falls has taken place.

Life goes on

Twenty years have passed since the death of Korolev, and Irina still does not like flowers. They were constantly in the house: the husband presented them about and without. After the funeral Irina lay in the hospital for several weeks, her projects passed into the hands of another person, and she had to leave television.

It was very difficult for Mishina, she survived from the last forces. Sometimes she was starving, and bread for her was an inadmissible luxury. Helped her then only Sergei Lomakin, who still refuses to thank you.

Through dating Mishina tried to break through to television, but she did not succeed. And at one point she decided to abandon the career of a TV star. "I want to be a happy wife and mother," Irina Mishina decided. TV host, whose family is very proud of her achievements, is happy in marriage and with her husband, Alexander, a businessman, brings up his daughter Luba. Today Mishina writes stories, runs her blog and tries to create a new channel.

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