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How to cook lecho? Billets for the winter: lecho. Recipes, photos

How to cook lecho at home? This issue becomes especially relevant at the very end of summer. It is at this time of year that all the necessary vegetables ripen on the beds, from which you can make a very tasty sauce for the winter. If you do not know how to cook lecho, then we offer you several recipes for its preparation.

General information

Billets for the winter under the name "lecho" began to enjoy great popularity in our country very recently. There was it in the beginning of 90th years when on counters of shops there were first jars with fragrant and very tasty snack. It should be noted that lecho is a national dish of Hungarians.

Recipes of such billets were passed down from generation to generation. However, each hostess introduced his own changes into his preparation. As a result, today there is an unprecedented number of different ways to create this tasty and simple dish. As for the traditional recipe of the Hungarian lecho, it provides for the use of fried in a frying pan. If you want to use the Bulgarian way of cooking, then you should stick to minimalism. After all, the inhabitants of this state make very tasty lecho exclusively from sweet pepper and ripe tomatoes.

In our country, such a preparation of the hostess is preferred to make from a variety of different vegetables. So, the course is often followed by eggplants, carrots, cucumbers, onions and even zucchini. It should also be noted that almost every Russian housewife has her own personal recipe for making this delicious snack.

We cook a quick lecho of Bulgarian pepper as a garnish

As a rule, such a dish is prepared for future use. After all, in the winter sometimes you really want to open a jar of fragrant lecho and enjoy the taste of juicy vegetables in tomato. But often this dish is used and as a normal side dish. For this, the vegetables are stewed on low heat, adding all the necessary spices, and then immediately distributed on plates and served to the table along with meat or sausage products.

Thus, to prepare a tomato lecho as a side dish, you should purchase:

  • Tomatoes ripe soft - 4 pcs .;
  • Hot pepper - 2 pods;
  • Large bulbs - 2 pcs .;
  • Bulgarian fresh pepper - 10 pcs .;
  • Fresh herbs (parsley, dill) - over a small bunch;
  • Black pepper and small salt - used according to taste.

Processing of products

Before cooking lecho, you should carefully treat all the prepared vegetables. To do this, it is necessary to clean the Bulgarian pepper fresh and bulb onions, and then chop them into thin strips. Next, you need to cut fresh tomatoes into small cubes. As for peppers, it should be finely chopped.

Heat treatment

After preparing the ingredients, you need to take a deep frying pan, put onions, hot and sweet peppers, then pour in about 100 ml of water and stew for 10-11 minutes under a closed lid. Next to the vegetables must be added chopped tomatoes, shallow salt, fresh chopped greens and black sweet pepper to taste. After mixing all the ingredients, they should be stewed for exactly half an hour.

Correct feed to the table

Now you know how to cook lecho as a delicious side dish. After the vegetables have completely cooled, they must be kept under a closed lid for ¼ hour, and then fed to the table. It should be noted that this dish is ideal for fried sausages, pasta and meat.

Cooking lecho for the winter

If you really like an acute snack, which you can open and present at any time of the year to the table, we recommend you do it yourself. This will require:

  • Refined vegetable oil - 250 ml;
  • Bulgarian fresh pepper - 3 kg;
  • Gruel from fresh tomatoes - 1 l;
  • Vinegar dining room 6% - 1 cup;
  • Fresh carrots average - 1 kg;
  • Granulated sugar - about 250 g;
  • Salt shallow - 2 tbsp. Spoons (you can slightly more, to taste).

Preparation of ingredients

To make lecho with carrots, you should wash the tomatoes well and chop them into a gruel using a blender or meat grinder. As a result, you should get about 1 liter of thick tomato juice. Next, you need to peel the Bulgarian pepper from the stems and seeds, and then cut them into not very large lobules. As for carrots, it should be cleaned and rubbed on a large grater.

Cooking process

After processing all the ingredients, you should proceed to direct lecho cooking for the winter. For this, it is required to mix table vinegar, vegetable oil and tomato puree in a deep saucepan, and then add sugar and salt to the saucepan . All the ingredients must be mixed and brought to a boil. Next, put the cut Bulgarian pepper and finely grated carrots into the dishes.

The final stage

After boiling the vegetables for about 10-14 minutes, it is necessary to start their laying in sterilized jars. Then the container should be rolled up with covers, turned upside down and covered with a blanket. After the blanks are completely cooled, they need to be taken to the cellar. It is not recommended to open this snack immediately. After all, to saturate the taste and aroma of spices, vegetables should stand in closed form for about 1.5-2 months.

Lecho with tomato paste

If you do not want to bother with fresh tomatoes, then lecithine can be made using conventional tomato paste. For this we need:

  • Tomato paste - 800 ml;
  • Sweet pepper fresh - 2 kg;
  • Sand fine sugar - 5 large spoons;
  • Salt - a large spoon without a slide.

Cooking process

Lecho Bulgarian must necessarily include sweet pepper. It is necessary to wash it well, and then cut the stem, remove seeds and septums. Further vegetables are recommended to cut into large squares or slices.

After the main product is processed, take the tomato paste, dilute it with an equal amount of drinking water, and then add table salt and granulated sugar. The resulting mass must be brought to a boil in a large saucepan. Next in the dishes you need to put the chopped Bulgarian pepper. All ingredients must be boiled for 20 minutes, then poured over glass sterilized jars and tightly rolled. After that, the filled containers must be turned upside down and wrapped with a blanket for a day. You can store this workpiece until late spring. Use it is recommended after 1.5 months after cooking.

Lecho with eggplant

Another favorite recipe for this preparation is eggplant lecho. It is more dense. To prepare it we will need:

  • Bulgarian fresh pepper - 1 kg;
  • Eggplant as young as possible - 4 kg;
  • Fresh carrots - 1 kg;
  • Cloves of garlic - 10 pcs .;
  • Tomatoes soft - 2 kg;
  • Onion bulbs - about 10 heads;
  • Table vinegar - 250 ml;
  • Refined vegetable oil - 500 ml;
  • Sand sugar - 250 g;
  • Salt cooked - 4 large spoons.

Component Processing

To prepare such lecho, it is necessary to process all the vegetables you have purchased:

  1. Fresh Bulgarian pepper and onion bulbs - cut into half rings.
  2. Eggplant wash, remove the peel and cut the vegetables into cubes.
  3. Carrots grate on a large grater, and peeled garlic cloves - on a small.
  4. Wash tomatoes and chop into a slurry with a blender or meat grinder.

Cooking lecho on the stove

For self-preparation lecho for the winter should take a large enameled basin, put in it tomato puree, table vinegar, refined vegetable oil, sugar and salt. Bringing the ingredients to a boil, they need to add Bulgarian pepper, onion bulbs, as well as eggplants and carrots. After mixing the products, they should be cooked at an average temperature of about 30-35 minutes. At the very end, the vegetable mass should be laid out with grated garlic cloves.

Testamentary stage

The finished lecho should be spread over sterilized jars and rolled up immediately. Next, the container should be turned upside down and left under the blanket for a day. After that, the workpiece is to be taken to the cellar. You can consume it only after 1-1.5 months.

Lecho with cucumbers

Lecho with cucumbers is a fairly popular snack, which can be safely served at the dinner table. It should be noted that the distinctive feature of this billet-lecho is that during its use you feel like juicy and fragrant cucumbers crunch very deliciously in your mouth.

So, to prepare a winter vegetable snack we will need:

  • Fresh small cucumbers - about 5 kg;
  • Bulgarian fresh pepper - 1 kg;
  • Tomatoes are soft - about 2.5 kg;
  • Garlic fresh - 1 small head;
  • Vegetable oil odorless - about 200 ml;
  • Table vinegar 6% - about 200 ml;
  • Sand sugar - about 200 g;
  • Salt cooked - 3 large spoons.

Cooking a fragrant snack

Before you cook this lecho on the stove, you need to twist the fresh tomatoes and the Bulgarian pepper in the meat grinder. Further to the received weight it is necessary to add table vinegar, vegetable oil, table salt and granulated sugar. All the ingredients must be mixed, put on a stove, bring to a boil and cook for exactly 15 minutes. After the specified time, add fresh cucumbers, previously cut into rings, into the tomato slurry. After boiling the vegetables for another 10 minutes, they should be added to the grated garlic head.

We serve lecho to the table

After the lecho is ready, it must be spread over sterilized containers, and then tightly rolled up. Withstood the workpiece in the cellar for about one and a half months, it can be safely served to the table. For this, the snack should be put in a small kremanka. You can eat it with bread, and add it to various dishes as a fragrant sauce. For example, very tasty spaghetti is obtained if the finished hot product is mixed together with lecho, and then immediately served to the table with sausage or sausage.

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