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How much should a child sleep in 2 months

Do you think that your two-month-old baby sleeps a little? Does he often wake up at night and sleep badly during the day? Do not worry, parents, in this article we will tell you how much the child should sleep in 2 months.

Most parents panic prematurely, forgetting that their baby has grown up. After all, by two months the child has a daily rhythm. He begins to take an active interest in and learn about the world that surrounds him. He can not sleep after feeding for about 2 hours, watching with interest the events around him. At this time, you can play with the baby, picking up a rattle, leading it slowly from side to side, giving the child the opportunity to turn his head behind her, watching her with his eyes. So you will train his sight and hearing.
During the day, the child is better off sleeping outdoors, so doctors recommend walking with children as long as possible regardless of the season. Of course, autumn and winter walks will be much shorter than spring and summer walks, but the essence remains the same: day sleep is very useful for children, and its duration in the fresh air increases. But remember: how much the child sleeps in 2 months in the afternoon, as much he sleeps at night. So do not overdo it with daytime sleep, so that the child does not lose control.
At night, a child's sleep in 2 months can be more than 10 hours, but this in most cases with an awakening for feeding, since the baby can not so long sleep, being hungry. All the rest of the time the baby needs to sleep soundly and calmly. If, however, the child wakes up several times during the night, then you need to try to find out the cause of his anxiety. It can be colic in the tummy, or a wet diaper, or maybe it's hot or cold. It is necessary to eliminate all causes, and your baby will fall asleep peacefully.

A child who is two months old does not yet distinguish the difference between day and night, so it can easily "confuse" when he is sleeping and when to be awake. This happens with babies quite often. In this case, you need to be patient and persistent, as you will often wake him up during the day if he sleeps more than 3 hours, and endure his discontent and mournful crying. Try to distract him, play with him, massage him. If you are persistent, then within a few days your child's dream will return to normal.

I want to give some more advice to young parents. To your baby slept as much as the child needs to sleep in 2 months, you should bathe him before going to bed. A warm bath soothes the babies.

Do not rock your baby in your arms or in a stroller, you must teach your baby to fall asleep in his own bed. So you will make your life easier when the baby grows up.

I think that our article calmed the young parents a little. If you still have doubts about how much the child should sleep in 2 months, or if the feeling that the baby is not sleeping a little, you still do not leave, then take a pen and paper and start recording the time of sleep, given the time when the baby Sleeps on her hands, at her breast.

I think that in total he sleeps as much as the child needs to sleep in 2 months.

If not, then you need to see a doctor. And he will tell you exactly how much the child should sleep in two months.

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