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Active rest in Moscow in winter at weekends with children

Active leisure in Moscow is gaining popularity every day. In each family comes a time when it becomes boring next evening to spend watching TV programs or in company with a computer. I want to go out and throw out the accumulated energy in some kind of activity. Most often this idea is visited by families in which children grow up. It is especially necessary to organize an active holiday in Moscow in winter, because then there are a lot of opportunities for this. We will try to highlight different leisure options so that you can choose the kind that you prefer.


Those who are looking for an active holiday with children in Moscow, first of all think about sports entertainment. A light frost, snow and sun call people to go outside, get on skis or put on skates. You can do it in any park in the capital. If you get there on the weekend, you will see a lot of families and just young people who are happy to ride and relax. In Moscow shops you can buy any sports equipment for both adults and children. The "Hill" in Sokolniki attracts especially many people who like to have fun. In addition to skis and skates, such types of winter transport as snow and snowboard are also very popular. And the latest novelty for skating on snowy slopes was skating on a pill. The tablet is an inflatable round tank, which can accommodate one or two people.


Another way to organize an active winter holiday in Moscow is to spend the day with a fishing rod in hand. Of course, we mean fishing. There are many different places where you can make a hole and enjoy the fishing process. Of course, such entertainment is not suitable for all families. After all, fishing, after all, requires silence, and if you want to spend a day with children, silence will be difficult to achieve. The Moscow River provides many beautiful quiet places where you can retire and fish. Some families perceive this kind of recreation , rather, as entertainment, than as a way of replenishing provisions. In this case, all family members take fishing rods and fish, sometimes even competing with each other, who will catch more. For those who seriously thought about going on winter fishing, the capital offers three options:

  • Moscow River,
  • Lakes in the Silver Forest,
  • Stroginskaya floodplain.

I want to note that it is possible to rest peacefully and without fear, because you do not need to get permission for this activity.

Communication with animals

Active holiday in Moscow for the weekend can be planned very unusual. For example, communication with animals. First of all , horses are meant. The ability to ride on horseback, the whole family, as well as with a child, attracts a lot of both Muscovites and visitors to the capital. Horse walks are available in different parts of the city.

  • Clubs that breed horses, and provide them for walks. They can be found both in the city itself and in the suburbs.
  • City parks also offer the opportunity to ride on beautiful horses and ponies for children.
  • The All-Russian Exhibition Center, which is known to the majority as VDNKh, also provides similar services.

In addition to personal horseback riding, you can order a team of horses who are rolling you with a breeze and will bring a lot of joy to your children. In itself, a trip on the triple leaves an unforgettable experience, which you will remember for many years.

Extreme for the family

Those who have planned an active holiday in Moscow, we propose to combine the useful with the pleasant. It refers to the benefits to your health by tempering the body. This is quite an extreme form of recreation, but some are happy with it. "Walruses" cause admiration, bordering on envy of people who do not dare to go into the water in the winter. If you take the capital, then most often you can find such people in the Silver Forest. You can come there yourself, with family or friends. You can meet there like-minded people who will share their experience in terms of tempering with you.

New - does not mean bad

Discussing recently such a topic as an active holiday in Moscow, people often used the word "buer" in conversation. What is this, and why are they associated specifically with the winter? Buer is a boat with a sail, to the bottom of which are attached skates. It has very light weight, so it slides well even with a slight wind. At the same time, the sliding speed can develop very large. Naturally, for such entertainment, a large space is needed, and in connection with this, this kind of recreation can only be done at the Pirogov Reservoir or in the Stroginskaya floodplain. Beginners are not allowed to steer the boat at once to avoid unpleasant accidents, but those who have already mastered this new mode of transport can ride themselves and ride their family.

Cultural rest

Active rest in Moscow is not a problem, but there is an alternative to such rest. In addition to sports, swimming and fishing, you can spend a weekend with your children calmly and culturally. This does not mean boring. It is simply possible to combine moral and physical development. How else can you spend the weekend?

  • You can lead the children to one of the theaters, where you can see great performances and get a lot of impressions. Among them, the theater "Magic lamp", "Fairy", "Puppet".
  • The famous zoo will give your children communication with animals and bring a lot of joy.
  • Another favorite place for kids is the circus named after. Nikulin. There you will spend several hours in an atmosphere of laughter and amazing tricks.
  • Depending on the age of your family members, you can offer to visit the Taganka Theater or the Roerich Museum. It is very unfortunate if you have not yet been to the Historical Museum in the main square of the city.

In the end, I want to take stock and once again note that it is possible to hold different days in Moscow in different ways. And it does not matter how old your children are. For anyone, you can find appropriate entertainment, both active and moderate. We recommend to alternate the style of your weekend: once to relax in nature, actively doing sports or riding a horse, and next time - to visit a theater, museum or exhibition.

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