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"Cake", shower gel: types, reviews. Camay products

"Kamei" is a shower gel made in Russia, which is very popular with women. The aromas of ripe berries and fruits, the addition of French perfume - all this you will find in this product. Let's talk about gels in our article.


Consistency "Cameo" (shower gel) is very similar to shampoo. A gentle texture with a pleasant smell gently cares for the skin. This gel is excellent for daily use, because it contains an ideal pH-balance. When applied to a loofah, it easily foams, moisturizing the skin. Thanks to the substances contained in it, the body becomes fresh and clean. A pleasant feature of this gel for girls is the opportunity not to use a cream after it. It envelops the skin with an airy and gentle foam, creating a moisturizing effect.

The design of the bottle is difficult to confuse with another firm: a small bottle with a narrowed middle is clogged with a special lid. It is only necessary to press the button once, as you will get a pleasant aroma of gel.

The smell on the skin for a long time keeps, creating the impression that you just used perfume.

This tool was tested by dermatologists, and therefore it can be used without fear of getting an allergic reaction.

French flavors

A lot of different aroma-lines can boast "Cameo". Shower gel with a drop of French perfume takes a special place in the heart of women. Pleasant smell, which he leaves on the skin, will not leave anyone indifferent. According to customers' reviews, it really smells like a real perfume. It is the smell of perfume that differs from all other shower gel "Kamei". Rose in its composition justifies the name - "Romantic". This tool does not create a sticky sensation, it is easily washed off, but at the same time leaving a long-lasting aroma.

Another gel from this line is Mademoiselle. This product is suitable for any skin. Sandal in its composition makes the smell of gel refined and unusual. On the one hand, it is sweet, but not at all sugary, on the other - a bit bitter. However, it is not sharp at all, but, on the contrary, gentle.

The aroma of lavender contains a gel from the same line - "Lavander". It will help to relax and relieve fatigue, leaving a fragrant smell on the skin.

Care and tenderness

Many people note how unusual the shower gel is "Strawberry" - strawberry. He is included in a special series called "Cream". Indeed, the effect of using this gel is no worse than that of special skin care products after a shower. The aroma of this gel attracts its "delicious" smell. Opening the bottle, you immediately feel that you have before you a dessert with cream and ripe strawberries.

After regular application, the skin becomes soft and velvety. The color of the gel is light pink, opaque. By consistency, it is moderately liquid, but does not spread uncontrollably.

Another flavor, part of the line "Cream" - aloe and chamomile. As you know, both plants have a strong antiseptic effect. This shower gel, reviews about which are positive, helps relieve tension and relax after a hard day's work. The smell is not cloying, pleasant.

Long fragrances

Unfortunately, this shower gel does not have a male ruler. However, many fragrances can be used not only by women. For example, a line of long-playing smells has long attracted a strong half. The aroma of an orchid is universal, suitable for both women and men. A feature of this gel is the patchouli contained in the composition . It moisturizes the skin, soaking in its upper layer, makes it soft and smooth.

This remedy can produce a scent for eight hours. And it's not just words, but the property proved by experts! A special technology, adopted by French colleagues, allows you to keep the fragrance on your skin for a long time.

Suitable shower gel for the male half and with the smell of violets. He was called "The Secret" for his delicate and captivating aroma. Oils of different colors make its texture dense and easy to apply. Simply foaming it between the palms or apply to the loofah. Experts confirmed that this aroma is also retained for a long time on the skin. Remember that if you do not want to smell your own perfume with the smell of this gel, then do not use it before any important activities.

Shower gel: reviews

Of the advantages consumers first of all call its ability to remain long on the skin. In addition, it is unlikely to find a gel equal to him in terms of the number and variety of aromas. They all resemble real spirits. However, those that contain French flavors, do not fit men. The strong half will surely like the smell of grapefruit, strawberry or aloe.

Consumers note that this manufacturer did not save on the components of the gel. He carefully cares for the skin, creating a special shell that moisturizes the body.

Many noticed that they practically stopped using foams and creams after a shower. Included in the gel oil absorbed into the skin, eliminating the need for customers to use the funds after washing.

The advantage of this tool is its low consumption. The bottle with gel is sufficient for everyday use for several months.

Out of shortcomings, consumers call their strong flavoring. Some women are prone to allergic reactions to pronounced odors, and therefore begin to sneeze and cough after using it.

The result

"Kama" - shower gel, which has come to the liking of many buyers. The variety of aromas that he possesses attracts the attention of many women and men. In addition to a pleasant smell, this gel gently cares for the skin, moisturizes and nourishes.

Everyone can choose the fragrance to your taste. If you want to relax before going to bed, then chamomile and aloe, as well as lavender, will do. Will help to cheer up the grapefruit and orchid.

In fact, there are very, very many fragrances. All of them are divided into special rulers, which are similar in general properties. Consult a consultant in the store to find out which of the gels is right for you.

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