Fashion earrings all over the ear: features, history, selection rules

Surely you've already seen this fashion accessory on the glossy pages or in the show about the life of the stars. An unusual massive earring, decorating not only the lobe, but also a part of the auricle, is no longer a curiosity. This accessory is called the unusual word "cuff", and today we will consider in detail how earrings appeared on the ear, what features this accessory has and how to wear it properly.

Fashion trends

Today, jewelers are developing many unusual ornaments. The advantages of spectacular double-sided earrings have already been appreciated by many. The fashionable ladies and claymbers fell in love - earrings-flip-flops, the decorative part of which does not hang from the lobe, but is located on the auricle. By the way, they are very similar to cuffs.

If you look at the cuff for the first time and try to determine where such an ornament might have appeared, then the first thoughts will probably come to India. It is she who is considered the birthplace of such ornaments. There the cuffs from time immemorial there were the indispensable accessory of the bride. Quite a long time about this adornment did not know anything outside their historical homeland, but in the twentieth century this accessory was spread almost all over the world. True, he did not get to the Soviet catwalks, so today we can say that in our region earrings are on the whole ear - a new and unheard topic.

Growing popularity

Earrings all over the ear today in large quantities are produced in China. Businessmen of the Celestial Empire have always reacted quickly to the growing demand. Kaffy-dragons and snakes have been very popular for several years, thanks to the spectacular design and relatively low price.

I show interest in unusual earrings and respectable jewelers. On sale you can find cuffs of precious metals, decorated with precious stones.

Cuffs with a puncture

If you like cuffs, and you choose a similar accessory for yourself, consider the characteristics of different varieties of kuffs. Those who have pierced ears, pick up an accessory is easier. Cuffs can be used even as earrings for piercing ears. The whole secret is in the carnation, which is located on the bottom surface of the decoration. It is inserted into the puncture, due to this the cuff is held in the ear more firmly.

When a puncture is not needed

They took into account the manufacturers of accessories and the interests of those women of fashion who for some reason do not want to pierce their ears. Some cuffs are supplied with small "crabs", which wrap around the ear cartilages and do not allow the jewelry to slip. A similar accessory will decorate your unopened right or left ear. The earring will keep quite tightly, but wearing this decoration for a long time is difficult - the ear gets tired of "crab".

The traditions of minimalism

In the broad sense, the word "cuff" usually means a large unpaired ornament that extends to the entire auricle. But there are also very small ornaments, not more than one centimeter. They are also called cuffs. You can fasten them both on the side surface of the ear, and on the upper, and on the lobe. It will look beautiful such earring in the man's ear. The guys have already evaluated such accessories and often use them.

Not everyone likes the tunnels and even ordinary punctures for earrings, and the office dress code does not have such innovations. Therefore, a small cuff without a puncture is relevant for those who love everything unusual, but do not want to pierce your own flesh.


Earrings on the whole ear today are made from a variety of materials. Most of the goods on the market are made of jewelry alloys, painted in the colors of brass, copper, bronze. Do not be so rare silver and gold jewelry. For example, the kuffs are represented in the new collections of Roberto Cavalli and Rodarte.

How to choose the size

When buying a cuff, try to give preference to those shops in which the fitting is provided. Most of the jewelry on the market is made in China. It's no secret that Chinese women are very fragile women, so what is suitable for them, for customers from other countries may be too small. Cuff of the wrong size will not bring joy, the ear will get tired.

Cuffs in the stellar ears

Do you think that such an accessory suits only rioting teenagers? And here not. Even celebrities chose the Kaffs. For example, in the lenses of the cameras, Emma Watson, whose ear is adorned with gold cuffs with diamonds from Repossi, often got into the camera lenses.

There are other admirers of such an accessory: Alisa Kiz, Halle Berry, Natalia Ionova, Pink, Linda Evangelista, Keith Blanchett.

Stylist tips: how can and how not

If from all the variety of ornaments you managed to find the most suitable, think through all the details of the image. Cuff - a bright accessory, which, with skillful use, will give a twist to your style. But if you treat him illiterately, he will look messy and tasteless in any situation. For example, if you have such an earring in the left ear, then in the right there should be no jewelry at all or a laconic, non-obtrusive earring that will perfectly match with the cuff.

Some designers develop sets of ornaments in which 2-3 items are presented. For example, it can be a large cuff with pendants and a small earring on the second ear in the same style.

Do not wear a cuff with a choker or catchy necklace. By and large for an expressive image, one spectacular accessory will suffice. Supplement it with a thin chain without a suspension, a bracelet or a pair of stylish rings. Remember: all metal jewelry should be the same color.

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