Original engraving on the ring

Jewelry is a classic, and therefore, a win-win gift option not only for the fair sex. A man will also be pleased to receive a significant date, say, a gold or silver ring. Any product made of precious metal is, above all, an indicator of the good taste and prosperity of its owner.

But now such gifts are quite common. This is because the cost of jewelry varies from the most affordable to exclusive options. Prices for such luxury items sometimes amaze even the experienced buyer in these matters. Simpler jewelry can afford almost everyone. Therefore, it's almost impossible to surprise someone with a gold brooch, a chain or a ring in our time. But how to make this gift also individual, give it originality? The best way out of this embarrassing situation will be engraving. On the ring, this method will look more successful, so let's consider the possible options for this type of jewelry.

Rings with engraving will pleasantly surprise anyone who appreciates the fine and elegant work done in metal. To decorate a gift with such an eternal inscription and make it out of ordinary exclusive, you will have to turn to the jeweler. Of course, engraving on metal at home is also possible, but in such a delicate and responsible business, skill, expertise and a special expensive technique are essential. In order not to spoil the product, it will be more reliable to use the services of a real professional.

The cost of engraving on the ring will largely depend on how fragile the decoration is. If it is cast and looks like an engagement, then this option is best suited for work. After all, if you make an inscription or pattern, the metal will be very hot. If the ring contains inclusions of stones, this will complicate the process. Because of the high temperatures, such stones as agate, alexandrite, emerald and several others, can change color. And in this case, picking up another stone of the same shape and size may not be easy. Although modern masters use to reduce the risk of a special paste, which blocks the spread of heating and allows you to control the temperature regime during engraving.

The variant of the inscription can be absolutely any that fantasy tells you. However, it is worth remembering that too long engraving can be difficult to read, because the size and width of the product simply does not allow you to create a large picture. The most common engraving are inscriptions such as "With Love", "My Beloved / My Beloved", as well as the name of the recipient of the gift. Departure from the norms in this case is only welcomed, because the more original the inscription, the more memorable will be the gift.

The engraving style on the ring is usually chosen vintage or monogram. Intricate interlacing of lines, elegantly applied patterns in words - this is a very delicate work. It is worth noting that not every master can take up the execution of such a miniature masterpiece. Those who take responsibility can ask for a fee much higher than the standard prices for this type of work. If the ring is thin, then you should choose a simpler font. This will help to avoid such a major mistake, as banal inability to read the wish.

As for the care of jewelry, which received such an addition, engraving on the ring almost does not change the usual procedure. Like all jewelry made of precious metals, they should be regularly cleaned with a soft bristle brush in a special solution. For these purposes, the old toothbrush fits well. The solution should contain liquid soap or shampoo, as well as a few drops of ammonia or ammonia. If you suffer a sharp and unpleasant smell, then "bathing" of jewelry in such a solution will return them lost brilliance and beauty. As for the engraving itself, in order to clean it from the possibly stuck particles of the epithelium, it is enough to simply walk more carefully through it with a brush.

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