Golden chains - weaves of passion

Golden chains are one of the most popular ornaments of the present century, and all because they are very peculiarly adorned with their glitter of a charming female neck. And yet half a century ago they were just an addition to the original pendant or suspension, in those days to wear or donate one chain without a medallion was considered a bad taste. Then the silver or gold chains of weaving of the standard kind were especially popular and they differed only in length and in diameter. Naturally, then, like today, besides the aesthetic value, the chains had quite a practical aspect - they were a way of accumulating funds. Each person could make his contribution in this way, because the evaluation of gold products has existed since ancient times.

Buying a gold chain is always a new experience for a person, but it is not necessarily that it should not be simple. It is enough to learn to distinguish the main types of weaving gold chains. The main aspect of creating jewelry, of course, is metal, it all depends on the budget of the buyer and his personal preferences. To date, the basis of the jewelry business is gold and silver, slightly inferior to the popularity of platinum. Gold chains are made of gold of 750 or 585 tests and come in three colors: yellow, white and red. Silver chains are made of 925 metal, they look elegant and elegant, so they are always in demand by both women and men.

The second aspect, which should guide the selection of the golden chain, is the kind of weaving. In the world there are a lot of types of weaving chains, but technically they can be divided into three types: armor, anchor and perlins. Gold chains of weaving of the perlina are tiny balls that are joined together, in anchor weaves the links of the chain are perpendicular to each other, and in the armor-plaited ones are in the same plane. Often there are golden chains of weaving fantasy and combined species, they can meet a wide variety of combinations and they are much more expensive than chains of standard weaving.

The golden chains of Bismarck weaving are distinguished by their refinement and their presentable appearance definitely underline the status of the owner. This weaving looks great both in the form of massive male jewelry, and in the form of elegant women's chains. Weaving "Love" refers to more refined ways of making jewelry and is a round, even loops that connect by means of contacting the edges. Jewelry made in this way, look weightless and perfectly suited for the most beautiful half of humanity. One of the most interesting jewelry delights are gold chains of Weaving "Figaro", in them oblong links are originally weaved with small rounded ones, representing a unique highly artistic composition.

The third aspect, affecting the quality and value of the gold chain, is the method of manufacture. Chains are automatic and manual weaving, each method has its advantages and disadvantages, although the cost of the hardware weaving is usually an order of magnitude higher than the manual one. Considerable importance is the size and diameter, besides the gold chains of weave, close to the standards, are always more popular, as they are more resistant to physical influences and worn much longer. Choosing the size and diameter of the product, it is important to consider the conditions where, with what and in which cases this chain will be worn. To decorate for a long time pleased and served its master, it should be chosen with love and exceptionally in a good mood. Only such a state of mind will help to choose a really high-quality and suitable decoration, which will give its owner many fine minutes.

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