Golden Chains - Always Relevant Classic

The fashion for the gold chains experienced for the entire time of the existence of these ornaments numerous ups and periods of oblivion. Nevertheless, absolutely struck from it chains were not for a second.

Golden chains will be the best gift from the whole jewelry variety of all kinds of products. They are like an eternal classic unusually relevant. Such a gift can not come at a wrong time or do not like the future owner. This is a decoration for all time. It is believed that this metal has a special active force, capable of giving life energy and positive. The power of gold raises vitality and promotes spiritual peace.

Gold chains are a universal decoration, which is suitable for absolutely any occasion. Despite the seeming simplicity, these decorations indicate a delicate taste of the owner. Gold chains can be an independent decoration or successfully combined with pendants, medallions, pendants, crosses.

Jewelry craft today is struck by the incredible wealth of achievements in the field of design and imaginative decoration of gold products. The most interesting thing is that there are gold chains practically at everyone, thus it is rare for whom the identical or even similar copies appear.

Gold chains appeared immediately after a person understood the value of open gold and learned how to process it. In ancient Egypt and countries of the Ancient World, chains of gold showed the owner's wealth and showed his status. In this case, more important was not the design of the decoration, but their number and weight of each.

To understand how to choose a gold chain, you first need to understand their types and types. When choosing a chain, you need to know the size of the neck, so as not to be mistaken with the minimum length allowed.

Gold chains are made from red, white and yellow gold of sample 585th or 750th.

Ornaments vary in length, the way weaving, the style of decoration with a lock and dozens of other characteristics.

By the type of weaving distinguish gold chains with anchor, ribbon, shell, fantasy, Venetian weaving, weaving technique "string", cords, chain-ribbons, combined chains.

By the way of processing and the thickness of the links, the chains differ in the main feature, which determines their belonging to female or male jewelry. Men's chains are more "rough" and massive, female - light, elegant and refined.

In length, women's gold chains begin the dimensional range from forty centimeters. Women, as a rule, gravitate to ornaments of small enough length which approach for a decollete and well look or appear on the closed dresses. In such variants, jewelry of small length is most advantageous.

The chains differ in thickness, that is, in the diameter of the wire. In conventional classical ornaments, the length of one link is about 2.5 times the diameter of the gold wire. The most sought-after adornments are thin chains that are very elegant and light.

Men's chains are more massive and differ in length. Men more often than women wear chains with pendants and crosses. They do not need to show decorations to others.

If the chain is selected for a pendant or suspension, you need to remember that the weight of the chain itself should be two to three times the weight of the suspension.

Choose a chain according to age. For younger women, it is more appropriate to buy thinner chains. However, the main criterion is a sense of proportion that indicates a good taste.

To understand how much a gold chain costs, you can look at its exterior and look and appreciate the weaving. It directly affects the value of the jewelry. The more complex and delicate the weave is made, the more expensive it is.

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