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We learn how much the newborn should eat

A newborn baby can normally weigh from 2.5 kg to 4 kg. It seems that a half kilogram is a little, but not for a newborn baby. Externally, children with such a large difference in weight look very different, and the possibilities they also have different. But any young mother is worried about the question of how many newborns should eat?

Immediately after birth, children usually lose weight: meconium is released, which has accumulated to the intestines for the whole intrauterine life. And the baby sucks milk for a while yet. Normally, weight loss should not exceed 10% of the baby's original weight. That is, for a small child it is 250 grams, and for a large child - 400 grams.

After two or three days, the weight gradually begins to recover. How much should the newborn eat, so that the weight will recover faster? On the first day of milk, my mother still does not, but this does not mean that the child does not need to be fed. The baby should suck on the colostrum in order to stimulate the production of milk and to improve the work of his intestines. How many milliliters a newborn should eat if it's just about colostrum?

Colostrum is a special fluid consisting of antibodies and proteins. Water and carbohydrates in it is much less than in mature milk. The volume of colostrum is very modest: it is allocated from 50 to 100 ml per day. If the baby often sucks his chest, he has a normal urination, meconium comes out, then no matter how much the newborn eats, this is enough.

Gradually colostrum is replaced by so-called transitional milk. It is more liquid than mature milk, and is released in fairly large quantities. The transitional, and then the ripe milk, comes to everyone in its own time: someone has it by the end of the second day, and someone only on the fourth day after the birth.

After the lactation is established, the baby should normally eat about 10 ml for each day of life. That is 30 ml on the third day, 50 ml on the fifth, 70 ml on the seventh (calculation for one feeding).

By the month the baby eats about 100 ml for feeding. But all these norms are good for artificers, who are fed by the clock and strictly allocated by the volumes of the mixture. How many should be eaten by newborns on breastfeeding will not tell anyone. Such a norm simply does not exist. It is now recommended to apply to the breast on demand, and this need for crumbs can occur every half hour. Of course, a baby who eats so often will not suck at the same time the same volumes as a child who has not eaten for three hours.

How much should the newborns eat if they have a low birth weight? Typically, these children have a very small amount of stomach, and therefore the opportunity to eat a lot immediately just does not. But the milk is absorbed rather quickly, they are often applied to the breast and for a month gain more than fatty at birth.

So how many milliliters should a newborn be eaten for each feeding, if it is breastfed?

As much as he wants. This is not a biological machine, the newborn is a living person, and his appetite is curled from well-being and even mood. The sufficiency of feeding is determined by the number of urination per day. There must be at least twelve of them. If the child urinates 12 or more times a day, he eats enough, you can be sure of it.

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