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Viking salad: several cooking recipes

Salad "Viking", in its classic version, is a juicy and tasty dish. It can be prepared by spending a little time, but in the end we get a delightful result. There are many cooking options that are different from the traditional recipe. But from this taste does not get worse. Therefore, we offer you several recipes, each of which is original in its own way.

Traditional way of cooking

To make a salad "Viking", you need to take 300 grams of sausage salami, as much cheese, better than solid varieties, three good tomatoes, two medium, peeled garlic cloves and mayonnaise for refueling. Salami cut small cubes and put some sausage on a dish. Then we wash the tomatoes with cold water and cut them with lobules, but not thick ones. We put half of this vegetable in a second layer. Then abundantly three cheese and a crumbled garlic crushed. Now it's the turn of mayonnaise. To ensure that the Viking salad does not turn out to be dry, we put this product in sufficient quantity. Then repeat all the layers in the same sequence. This salad should be infused, so cover it with a food film and put it in a cool place for 1-2 hours. From above you can decorate it with greens or any vegetables.

Viking salad with chicken

This recipe is different from the classic set of ingredients. Prepare a Viking salad with chicken. To do this, take 500 grams of chicken fillet, onion head, one can of canned mushrooms, two fresh medium-sized cucumbers and 500 grams of Korean carrots. Fill the salad with mayonnaise. Chicken breast boil with spices and onion. This will give it a greater flavor and better taste. Then cut it into small pieces. Mushrooms we cut with plates or brusochkami, but not very large. The bulb is cleaned and crushed. After that, fry it on a small amount of vegetable oil. Fresh cucumbers cut straws. If the Korean carrot is too long, then you can divide it into parts. Let's lay the Viking salad in layers. The first are marinated mushrooms. Then spread the chicken breast. If you want the salad to be more juicy, then cover each layer with mayonnaise. Next, put the fried onions in our dish. It is followed by sliced cucumbers, and this composition is completed by Korean carrots. Salt and pepper add to taste in chicken or cucumber. However, do not forget that mushrooms and carrots will already contribute their mite to these spices. From above decorate with greens and mayonnaise salad "Viking". The recipe is a little original, but easy to prepare.

Viking salad from the liver

This is another unusual way of cooking this dish. To do this, you need 400 grams of beef liver, 6 boiled eggs, a jar of marinated mushrooms, three small onions, spices and mayonnaise. The liver should be boiled beforehand in slightly salted water and cut into thin strips. Onions are cut not by large half rings and also fry on a small amount of butter. Eggs on a grater. Mushrooms squeeze a little and fry. Now mix all the ingredients and season with mayonnaise. We serve in a salad bowl, beautifully decorated with herbs and cherry tomatoes.

Salad with beef

The variety of recipes for this salad is amazing, but it's worth trying at least once. For cooking, you need 400 grams of beef, 150 grams of cheese, one sweet pepper, two medium tomatoes, one onion, several peeled garlic cloves, spices, herbs and mayonnaise. Garlic and greens are crushed and mixed with mayonnaise. It will be a salad dressing. Beef boil and cut into thin strips. Then we mix it with the part of the filling. Spread this mixture first layer on the dish. Top with crushed onion. Pepper cut into thin strips and spread the next layer. Lubricate the salad dressing. We cut the tomatoes into cubes and throw them into a colander. The excess fluid must drain. Then put them next layer. Again, grease the salad dressing and sprinkle with grated cheese. From the top we cover with the remains of mayonnaise with garlic and decorate it arbitrarily. For this you can use pineapples. Salad with pineapple - "Viking" - it turns out very original and tasty.

"European" salad

In this recipe, crab sticks will become the central ingredient. Take 200 grams of this product, as well as a small onion head, 200 grams of pickled mushrooms, two medium fresh cucumbers and mayonnaise. Crab sticks cut straws and put in a salad bowl. Onion cut as small as possible and add to the main ingredient. Mushrooms can be taken fresh, only they must be pre-fried and cooled. Cut them and add them to the salad. Cucumbers should be cut into strips. Mix all the ingredients and dress up with mayonnaise. When filing is always decorated.


We offered several options for preparing salad "Viking". Be sure to try each one. For sure, some will become your traditional dish for any feast. Ingredients for cooking are always at hand, so at any time you can serve guests this simple and at the same time an exquisite dish.

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