How effective are existing methods of contraceptives?

Today, there are different methods of contraceptives. The main task of any of them is protection from unwanted pregnancy. Barrier means, in addition, prevent the entry into the body of pathogens of sexually transmitted diseases. How effective are today's methods?

Contraceptives for women. The vaginal diaphragm

This means is made in the form of a dome-shaped rubber cap. It is selected depending on the size: from 50 to 150 millimeters. For nulliparous women, as a rule, fits a diaphragm 60-65 mm, for those who have already given birth, the optimal size is 70-75 mm. After losing weight or giving birth, the size of the contraceptive is adjusted again. Its advantage is ease of use, the ability to use several times, security and provide reliable protection against sexually transmitted diseases. However, there are contraindications. In particular, the use of the drug for abnormal development of the genitals, erosions of the cervix, endocervicitis, colpitis is not recommended.

Hormonal remedies

There are sufficient types of contraceptives providing protection. The action of hormonal drugs is based on the use of synthetic analogues of natural hormones of the ovaries. This method is considered one of the most effective tools today. Oral methods of contraceptives have a number of advantages. In particular, their use does not depend on sexual intercourse, their action is reversible (they do not affect the ability to become pregnant in the future). Together with this hormonal drugs have an impressive list of contraindications. Among them, in particular, violations in the activity of the cardiovascular system, excess weight, diabetes, smoking, age (after forty years, the use is not recommended).

Spermicidal agents

Means of contraceptives in the form of ointments, foams, creams for today a lot. These spermicidal preparations include highly potent surfactants capable of destroying the cell membranes of spermatozoa. To such, in particular, include "Pharmatex", "Kontratsentol", "Delfin" and others. A similar effect is provided by boric, lactic, acetic acids. As a rule, these substances are used for douching after sexual contact.

The newest means

Contraceptive methods relating to "the latest developments" are not so numerous. They include, in particular, injections and implants. Among such funds, in particular, should be called "Depot Progesterone", "Norplant", "Depo-Provera".

Irreversible methods

Such methods of contraceptives, as surgical intervention in the form of sterilization, are considered by many to be the most reliable. However, specialists note that there are exceptions to this method.

Other methods. Contraceptives for men

Condoms as a method of protection are widespread enough. This method is used in almost 20-30% of cases of sexual contact. However, experts note that the clinical effectiveness of condoms is relatively low. In this case, this method provides the best protection against penetration of causative agents of sexual infections. It should be said that until recently, these contraceptives were only for men. Today, there are condoms for women. This type of protection, such as sterilization, can also be used in men.

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