Hormonal preparations for contraception: myths and reality.

Hormonal birth control pills - one of the ways to protect against unwanted pregnancy, which is perfectly suitable for nulliparous women, those who do not want to put an intrauterine device or have contraindications to other methods of contraception.

For today, drugs with hormones cause an ambiguous reaction among the beautiful half of humanity. Some people in every way welcome the reception of such medications and insist on admission to the gynecologist for recommendations of these drugs, while others are afraid of panic side effects of hormones.

Here it is fair to say that at the very beginning of the release, the side effects of hormonal drugs did take place. Today, thanks to the achievements of modern pharmacology, such a risk is minimized, and the positive effect far exceeds possible side effects.

So, let's look at a few myths that have overgrown hormonal drugs. Often, they are still frightened by young girls who choose methods of protection, so the debunking of such myths is not topical.

Myth 1. From hormones get fat. The underlying reason for this really was still half a century ago. Then hormonal preparations contained an excessive dose of active substances, from which they really got fat. A new generation of contraceptives does not contain such "horse doses", and the drugs themselves are located in three categories for the content of hormones. Which of them to appoint - the doctor decides. As a rule, even drugs with high, according to modern standards, hormone content lead to weight gain of not more than two kilograms, and some women even lose weight.

Myth 2. Hormonal drugs lead to addiction, so they can not be used for a long time. Here the question is twofold: if a woman already has a child and does not plan a pregnancy, then a hormone preparation of the same type can be used for quite a long time. As a rule, with constant reception the body itself is rebuilt under a new rhythm, and in the future no problems arise. If a woman changes hormonal drugs serving for contraception, then the effect can be directly opposite, and pregnancy can easily come.

Myth 3. Hormonal drugs can interfere with further conception. But the woman's body acts pretty cleverly. Considering that the main goal of the reproductive system is the reproduction of one's own kind, it works in this way. When receiving contraceptives, the reproduction function is artificially inhibited, but when the drugs are withdrawn, the female body seeks to catch up. That is why doctors note frequent superovulation - the simultaneous maturation of several eggs in the first months after the drug was discontinued. Therefore, it is better to get pregnant in half a year, before using the calendar method, so as not to get two or three "kinder surprise" at once. Therefore, to say that hormonal drugs have a negative effect on pregnancy, well, there is no way.

Myth 4. Spiral is more effective than hormone tablets, and cheaper in comparison with them. Yes, the question of cheapness is really in favor of a spiral. However, it is worth taking into account those positive moments that tablets have, and which do not have a spiral: the risk of diseases of ovarian cancer decreases, painful sensations decrease during menstruation, they become less protracted, microbes do not enter the uterine cavity. These advantages far outweigh the financial side of the issue.

Myth 5. You can pick up hormonal preparations on your own. The question of self-treatment is one of the most acute not only in gynecology. It is worth considering that each organism is individual. And if one drug fits familiar, then it can be completely counter-indicative to you. Prescribe drugs should only the doctor after a thorough examination, the results of the analysis. Only then can we say that the contraceptive is correctly chosen, if it does not harm the general hormonal background, does not violate the cycle and retains the ability to procreate.

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