"Femazh MPS weight control": instructions, reviews

"Femazh MPS weight control" instruction describes how a drug designed to adjust weight during the onset of menopause in women. Of course, each of us wants to remain slender and beautiful at any age, but with time this becomes more and more complicated and complicated.

Appointment of dietary supplements

"Femazh MPS weight control" instruction describes as a dietary supplement that helps women to fight excess weight, poor health and insomnia during menopause. However, many women notice that, even if you do not change your daily routine and go in for sports, extra pounds not only do not go away, but also accumulate. The main cause of this phenomenon is a sharp decline in the number of female estrogen hormones in the body. Therefore, the body tries to replenish with all possible methods the number of much needed female elements, and thereby increases the percentage of fat cells in the female body.

"Femazh MPS weight control" (instruction, the price described in this article) helps to actively combat excess fat accumulation. At the same time it allows not only to keep the weight in the norm, but also to significantly reduce it.

This dietary supplement will be able to control your appetite, as well as significantly reduce the swelling of the body and correct the problem areas.

Structure of the preparation

The dietary supplement "Femazh MPS weight control", the instruction to which is described below in the article, is an active complex, produced in capsules of two types:

  • Night capsules consisting of an extract of green tea, arginine and lysine. These substances saturate the body with caffeine, catechins, other useful compounds.

  • Day capsules, which include extracts of cherry stones and vulgaris vulgaris, as well as kritmuma primoric. Such components increase the vital energy of a woman during the onset of menopause and enrich the body with useful essential oils and salicin.

Each component of this bioadditive has only a natural origin, so the drug is absolutely safe for the female body during menopause.

Indications for use

The drug "Femazh MPS weight control" (the instruction is indicated in the article) is recommended for use in such symptoms as overweight during menopause, impaired metabolism, swelling of the body.

Doctors recommend using this supplement as a useful supplement to the basic diet. Regularly taking dietary supplements, you will soon notice excellent results.


Despite the fact that this bioadditive has only natural components in the composition, it must be used with the utmost care. There is a list of contraindications that must be studied before starting the use of dietary supplements:

  • Allergy to components that make up the composition;
  • Kidney disease;
  • Heart and vascular disease;
  • herpes.

"Femazh MPS weight control": instruction, description

In order for this drug to produce the proper effect, you need to adhere to a special scheme. Experts recommend taking a few capsules before breakfast and dinner. In this case, the drug should be washed with purified water or other drinks. Doctors recommend taking this supplements for fourteen days. If there is an urgent need, then you can repeat the course throughout the year.

Capsules have a very simple but effective effect on the female body during the onset of menopause. Capsules for daily use transform fat accumulation into active energy, which is used throughout the day. Night capsules actively break down fats and speed up the metabolism.

"Femazh MPS weight control": price, reviews of doctors and patients

One pack of dietary supplements costs about 1500 rubles. Despite such a high cost, the drug is in high demand. Patients' reviews are mostly optimistic. The metabolism is normalized, the fat tissue disappears, the new one does not appear.

However, doctors treat this medication with caution, recommend it only as a last resort. According to the recommendations of physicians, women during the menopause need to make more walks in the fresh air, play sports and eat healthy foods. And then no dietary supplements will not be needed.

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