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Sergey Nikonenko: Filmography, biography and personal life

Sergei Nikonenko is one of the most famous people in the domestic film industry. His contribution to the development of Russian cinema can not be overestimated. He has established himself as a talented and versatile actor, gifted film director, a man with an interesting creative biography and a solid life position. On the life of this wonderful artist you will learn from this article.


Sergei Nikonenko was born in 1941, on April 16, in the city of Moscow in a working family. The boy's daddy, Peter Nikanorovich, worked as a chauffeur, and my mother, Nina Mikhailovna, worked as a glass blower at a lamp factory. The Nikonenko family lived in a communal flat on the Arbat Street. In a small room, there was a family of five people with difficulty: Sergei's parents, he himself, his brother and grandmother. Twenty-five people lived in a communal apartment. However, these housing conditions were typical for that time and did not bother anyone.

All the free time the future actor spent in the courtyard, where, together with neighbor boys, he played Cossacks, robbers, lazers and bast shoes. Nikonenko loved fisticuffs, in which he often competed with his friends. These battles had their own firm rules. The boys fought to the first blood, they never beat the recumbent, and so on.

Enthusiasm for philately

One of the most vivid memories of childhood was the construction of the Foreign Ministry for the future actor. After the erection of the building was completed, Sergei spent two winters helping the local janitor clean snow. For this, the boy was able to rummage in the trash of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which for all others was closed to the castle. Nikonenko, like many of his peers, was a passionate philatelist in his childhood. Rummaging in the garbage at the ministerial court, the boy found real treasures, from which he collected a solid collection of stamps.

Creative skills

At school age, Sergei showed creative inclinations. He took part in competitions of reciters and singers, brought home medals and charters. The boy learned to play the accordion at the local music school.

At thirteen years in the pioneer camp, Nikonenko fell in love with a girl who attended a local drama club. To more often see the subject of his feelings, Sergei himself enrolled in the actors. Returning to Moscow, the boy and his lover began studying at the theater studio in the city Palace of Pioneers with teacher E.V. Galkina. Keen on the actor's craft, children began to actively attend the capital's theaters. And in one of them Sergei went for free, because he learned to masterfully counterfeit counterfeits for performances.

The future actor learned badly, the diaries were full of deuces, so the boy had to get the certificate at the school of working young people. For this Nikonenko got a job as a conductor. At the end of the tenth class of the evening school, Sergei realized his old dream - he went to study for an artist.


Sergei Nikonenko failed the exams in four theatrical high schools and without particular hope gave documents to the fifth - the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography. However, the Admissions Committee saw in the frail boy creative potential. Sergei was sent to the acting course VGIK under the leadership of Tamara Makarova and Sergei Gerasimov.

According to Nikonenko, he is infinitely grateful to fate for the fact that she identified him exactly in this educational institution. Sergey studied together with Larisa Luzhina, Nikolay Gubenko, Lydia Fedoseeva, Galina Polsky and Evgeny Zharikov, Nikolay Eremenko. Teachers of the university were true masters of their craft. On the stage of the educational theater, Nikonenko was able to play almost the entire classical repertoire, including the famous "Hamlet".

Sergei graduated from VGIK in 1964. His thesis "Career of Arthur Ui" became a cultural event in Moscow theater. Having listened to the advice of his friend and mentor Vasily Shukshin, in 1971 Nikonenko passed a course of training from the same teachers, Makarova and Gerasimov, and received a diploma of the director.

Work in the theater

Sergey Nikonenko, whose photo you see in this article, played little in the theater in his youth. After graduating from a theatrical high school, he entered the theater actor's troupe, where he served for 10 years. In 1974, the actor left him to fully dedicate himself to film career.

In 2000, Nikonenko returned to the theatrical stage, where he played the main role in the production of "Chapaev and Void" based on the work of Victor Pelevin. Since then, Sergei has been involved in several entertaining performances, such as "Everything passes", "When my husband caught cod," "The Trap, or the Pranks of the Old Dodger," "Nina," "Glass Dust," "Nameless Star."

Sergey Nikonenko. Filmography

Acting as an actor became a student of VGIK. His first work was a role in the educational film Mikhalkov Nikita "I'm leaving home" in 1958. Sergey's debut on the big screen took place in 1961 in the pictures "Heart does not forgive" and "Life first". Until the end of the institute Nikonenko managed to appear in several more tapes, among which "It happened in the police", "People and animals", "Shurka chooses the sea".

In the late 60-ies in the actor's record, there were already more than thirty roles. The actor is loved and remembered by shooting in the films "Call, open the door", "Nikolai Bauman", "Journalist", "White explosion", "Crime and punishment", "Liberation", "Nezaposuden", "Strange people", "War And the world, Stars and Soldiers, The White Explosion, The Noble Nest, Sing the Song, the Poet, Crime and Punishment, The Unfinished Play for the Mechanical Piano, The Walking by the Flames, Dream "," Winter evening in Gagra "," Tomorrow was a war "," Stalingrad "," Vivat, Midshipmen! " And many others.

Nikonenko Sergey Petrovich, whose filmography is rich in works in various genres, is one of the most successful and sought-after actors in the Russian film industry. Even in the difficult 90-ies the actor was constantly engaged in several projects at once.

Work is not TV

For the first time Sergei Nikonenko appeared in the television series in 2000 in the project "Kamenskaya", where he played the role of Colonel Gordeev. For his creative biography, the actor played seventeen times militiamen, but Kolobok's role in his performance was recognized as the best. Nikonenko loves and understands his hero. He believes that viewers want to see clever ministers on the screen, not bandits and drunkards.

Currently, the actor regularly starred in television movies. His works are known in the series "Impossible Green Eyes", "Star of the Epoch", "Old Colonels", "Brothers", "Bombila", "The Right to Truth", "Count Krestovsky", "Love as Love", " "," The death of the empire "," Homeland awaits "and others. Films with Sergei Nikonenko are always interesting to the viewer, now the famous actor has 38 accounts in various television projects. In addition, the artist was involved as the leading program "Wait for me" in 2000 and 2008.

Director's work

Sergei Nikonenko, the film with which the whole country knows, is a talented director. He made fifteen feature films. The most famous works of Sergei: "I want your husband," "Tran-grass," "Kiss the Dawn," "Gypsy Happiness," "Brunette for 30 cents," "I want to America," "Annushka," "Birds over the City, "And in the morning they woke up" and others. In all his paintings, Nikonenko himself is removed. He argues that it is difficult to combine acting and directing, but all problems are solved in the working order.

The Museum

Sergei Nikonenko - a big fan of the work of Sergei Yesenin. In 1971, he even happened to play the role of a famous poet. While studying Yesenin's biography, the actor discovered that in the house in which he was born and lived, there is an apartment connected with the life of this author. However, the building became a shelter for various dubious personalities, there was a real garbage dump, where even the homeless were afraid to sleep.

Nikonenko Sergei Petrovich set himself the goal of making of an apartment whose walls remember the presence of Yesenin, the museum of the memory of the poet and after long walks through the institutions achieved his. Now in the rooms of the communal apartment No. 14 in Sytsev Vrazhke there are expositions that illuminate the different periods of Esenin's life. The room belongs to the Yesenin Cultural Center, which was organized by Sergei Nikonenko. All exhibits of the museum are a personal collection of the actor. He likes to conduct excursions and now he regularly receives congratulations on the Day of Museum Worker, which is very proud.

Personal life

With his wife, Catherine Voronina, actor Sergei Nikonenko met in VGIK when he received a second education there at the director's faculty. The girl was very pretty and unapproachable. After long courtship, Catherine allowed herself to kiss, and almost immediately the lovers got married.

In 1973, they had a son, Nikanor, who received the name in honor of his grandfather. In childhood, the boy was shot in the films of his father "Gypsy happiness", "Kiss the Dawn", "Tran-Grass". In 2007, Sergei Nikonenko, whose personal life has always been an example to follow, became a grandfather. Since then, the famous actor claims that for him everything in life is measured by his grandson. The family has always been of great importance to the actor. With his wife Catherine they are constantly together - and at home, and on the set.


Sergey Nikonenko, whose filmography includes 210 works in films and serials, has repeatedly received awards for his creative achievements. In 1971, the actor was awarded the Order of the Badge of Honor, three years later he received the "Honored Artist of the RSFSR". In 1976, Sergei became the winner of the Lenin Komsomol Prize. For his services in the development of Soviet cinema, the actor was awarded the title "People's Artist of the RSFSR" in 1991.

At the film festival "Constellation", held in the city of Tver in 1999, Nikonenko Sergey Petrovich received a prize for his role in the film "Classic". His director's thesis, the film "Petrukhina surname", was recognized as the best and won a prize at the festival in Oberhausen. The actor was awarded the international literary prize named after S. Esenin "About Russia, wiggle its wings ..." in 2010. For a significant contribution to the development of the national cinema art Sergei Nikonenko was awarded the Order of Merit for the Fatherland (2001) and the Order of Honor (2011). At the third Trans-Baikal Film Festival in the city of Chita for a huge contribution to Russian cinema, the actor received a special prize.

Strokes to the portrait

In the spring of 2014 Sergei Nikonenko turned 73 years old. This person simply amazes with his work capacity and indomitable energy. He is still actively withdrawn. Sergei Nikonenko, whose filmography has more than two hundred roles in films and serials, is not going to stop there. He manages to travel with tours around the country, is currently involved in the plays of the theatrical company La'Teater "Love on the Big Bear" and "Free Love".

In his interviews, Nikonenko calls himself a middle-aged man. He claims that he is not proud of his own popularity, he considers it perishable, transitory. The actor leads a healthy lifestyle, does not smoke, does exercises. Christian values are close to him. He advises everyone who wants to improve their health, do good deeds, and do unselfish deeds.

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