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Details on how to make a bonfire in Unturned

If you have ever been interested in or played in this project, then for sure you are curious about how to make a bonfire in Unturned. Probably, we should talk about this post-apocalyptic simulator to those who have not heard about it yet.

A little bit about the game itself

Unturned is an indie project from Canadian developer Nelson Sexton, whose main idea is to survive in a huge and dangerous world. Of course, at first it might seem that this is just a parody of the famous Minecraft, but it's far from the case. As soon as the game appeared in the incentive, it did not rise in the top, and did not enjoy much popularity. Very in vain. If you already know about the project and you are only interested in how to make a fire in Unturned, then go directly to the next part of the article. The main goal of the game is, of course, survival. It is necessary to fight off the bloodthirsty zombies and bandits in every possible way, besides, to manage to build houses, to engage in hunting, crafting and treatment. In the game there are many kinds of different weapons of melee and ranged weapons, including military equipment. Also in the project there is transport - at the moment only cars (police, fire, ambulance and even armored personnel carriers). Realistic breakdowns of machines give the game a special entourage, and they can become useless due to attacks by enemies. Also, Unturned can boast of farming, it is allowed to grow potatoes, wheat and many more vegetables.

Required Tools

If you are wondering how to make a fire in Unturned, you should know that you can not achieve success with your bare hands. List of necessary tools:

  • Stones;
  • A little wood;
  • Ax and pickax.

Instruction: as in Unturned to make a fire

The process of firing a fire takes quite a bit of time, it is not difficult and is an important detail of the game process, without which it will be impossible to survive. To begin with, you need to find sticks in the number of 4 pieces (they can easily be obtained using an ax), after which you should find the stones (this will help picking). If the most important, while the simple part - obtaining resources, is passed, then go to the next stage. It is that you need to find a solid stone and fragments from the rocks. Having brought all this, combine the given resources. All is ready. Now you will not have a question, as in Unturned to make a fire. With its help, you can cook your own food, after killing some animal. Taking the meat, go to the kraft menu and select it along with the fire. That's all the tips that we wanted to share in this material.

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