Fur factory "Kaliayev": reviews about the product

Despite the fact that fashion - a lady with a changeable mood, beautiful natural fur coats will always be the highlight of any women's wardrobe. It is unrealistic to imagine a more perfect outfit that warms, and raises the mood of its owner, and causes delight to everyone who sees such beauty on the fragile female shoulders. And if you really buy a fur coat for yourself, then only the best, high-quality, for example, one of those offered by the fur factory "Kaliayev", reviews about which we will try to study in order to understand what women's hearts conquer domestic producers.

A good thing does not have to be imported

Those who at least once in their lives thought about buying a fur coat and found out the prices for models from natural fur, knows perfectly well that a fur coat is not even a purchase, it is an investment. And if we talk about imported options, which so beckon with their elegance and variety of options, it becomes clear why many collect money for such an acquisition for years.

It is a pity that not everyone knows that the domestic manufacturer is able to compete with foreign ones not only in terms of the quality of products, but also in the diversity and relevance of the assortment. So before you finally decide what kind of fur coat you will buy, study the proposed options from the factory "Kaliayev": reviews of the vast majority of their customers are not just positive, but even enthusiastic.

Available quality for everyone

Fur factory "Kaliayev" reviews admiration from its consumers primarily thanks to its loyal pricing policy. At the same time, the quality of the offered goods is really high, so when you buy products of this brand, you get both reasonable savings and a decent fur product in your wardrobe.

A great plus of the manufacturer, which allows us to cover the largest possible circle of customers, is its orientation on the production of not only fur and leather products for women of the gentle half of humanity, but also a sufficient number of interesting outfits for men, girls, and a decent range of headgear.

The newest trends are embodied in the models of new collections

Even the most demanding consumers with the most exquisite taste of the factory "Kaliayev" reviews leave a positive, and quite deserved. The whole point is that a whole team of designers is working on the creation of each new model, which takes into account not only the current trends in the fashion world, but also the features of the figure of Slavic women, as well as the weather conditions of our country.

Fur coats are created with love and desire to make the woman who dresses them, more attractive, so you can often find responses in which real buyers are pleased that in such a fur garment the figure looks more perfect.


Classics, of course, will always be relevant, but many ladies and girls want to please themselves and more extravagant versions of outerwear. Factory "Kaliayev" buyers' reviews so often around them also collects because even a lady with the most specific taste and unusual fashion preferences will be able to find the right clothes for herself.

With the times

Today, not every buyer can afford to spend several hours or even a whole day in search of a suitable model of outerwear in the shops of his city. In addition, in the usual boutiques, the entire range from the manufacturer is never presented, and the sizes often have problems: the necessary one is never in stock. The leaders of the factory "Kaliayev" understood this nuance in time and directed a lot of efforts to create an online store in which it is really possible to find any interesting model, read all the most important information about it and even evaluate the product from photos from different angles. That's why "Kaliayev" admires admirations and from modern business ladies who appreciate this advantage and are happy to buy fur coats from this manufacturer.

And what do the employees say?

As practice shows, before deciding to buy a fur coat or any other product made of fur or leather, it is worth to evaluate the responses not only from buyers, but also from employees working for the manufacturer that you are interested in. It is good that it is not so difficult to find similar information about the fur factory "Kaliayev". Staff feedback confirms the information provided by the brand that the whole process of creating such things is under strict control, starting from the stage of selecting suitable materials, ending with the last strokes in the form of sewing beautiful fittings. It is a consistent check of each stage of creation of fur coats that allows the manufacturer to achieve high quality of products produced on the market.

Interestingly, the factory "Kaliayev" reviews employees, filled with positive, gets also because the manufacturer pays special attention to the conditions in which they store finished products before they get to the boutiques of your city. The storage room maintains the right temperature and humidity, which significantly extends the life of any fur product.

Warranty service

Did you know that this brand offers its customer even a service such as warranty and even post-warranty service?

It is thanks to this fact that the factory "Kaliayev" reviews and recommends recommendations and recommendations much more often than their foreign or domestic competitors, which do not please their customers with such variety and level of service. By the way, it is the fact that the manufacturer is ready to provide a guarantee for its goods, once again emphasizes the presence of a high level of quality.

Pleasant bonuses and promotions

Another feature of the manufacturer, which is so happy new and regular customers - regular discounts and interesting promotions. Of course, there are seasonal sales, allowing you to purchase at a very attractive price the fur coat of your dream, which the Kalyayev factory made with love. Customers' reviews often relate to interesting stocks, thanks to which the consumer, again, gets a great opportunity to save money. Pleases and the opportunity to pay for such an acquisition with a payment card, because not everyone wants to shop with a huge amount of money. Also this convenient function greatly simplifies the process of purchases that are made online.

Not only fur coats pleases "Kaliayev" ...

If earlier the Kalyayev factory was known only as a producer of good fur coats or sheepskin coats for women, now it is positioning itself as a manufacturer that is able to warm up any member of your family in the winter.

It is clear that to afford the outer clothing of natural fur or leather, unfortunately, not every one of our compatriots. The manufacturer was very pleased that he diversified his assortment with worthy coat variants. By the way, potential buyers are waiting for not only winter, but also demi-season options. The team of designers focused on the classic options, although they will perfectly match with accessories in any style, even extravagant.

Many buyers in their reviews mention and the beautiful versions of waistcoats and capes from natural fur, which are really capable of becoming the highlight of any wardrobe.

Even the headgear can already be chosen from the brand "Kaliayev". By the way, there are a lot of youth and more classical interpretations in the assortment, so at least they should be familiarized with.

If we talk about shortcomings

Of course, against the backdrop of the overwhelming majority of positive responses, there are those who speak about the shortcomings of the Kalyayev factory. But, interestingly, dissatisfied reviews do not concern the quality of products, but the fact that not all the biggest cities of our country have shops of this brand. Not all potential buyers are satisfied with the option of acquiring without pre-fitting, most want to put on, touch, show off before the mirror, and then buy.

But if you take into account the statistics of sales growth of things from "Kaliayev", it becomes clear that this is not the manufacturer that will upset you that the picture in the online store and the real thing differ significantly from each other. In addition, it is possible to return the goods (if you do not fit the size, or the color is not to the person, or the style is not yours) with a replacement for it, and everything will be done as soon as possible, this fact is confirmed by many reviews.

So "Kaliayev" fully deserves the title of the leader of the domestic market and it is quite real that he will soon "move" from the position and the most famous foreign competitors.

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