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Animals of India - sacred and ordinary

India is a country that is located in the southern part of Asia, most of it is on the Indian subcontinent. This state is washed by the Indian Ocean, namely its Bengal and Arabian Gulfs.

Fauna of India

In the territory of this country there are many species of mammals, birds, insects and reptiles. The fauna of India is very diverse. The most common here are representatives of the fauna, such as camels, monkeys, elephants, cows, snakes.


These are the most common animals of India, mostly they are used for transportation of goods, as well as for riding, in antiquity they even participated in battles. There are two species of this animal - the dromedary and the bactrian, that is, one-horned and two-humped. Camels are herbivores. They are able to feed on those desolate plants that are not eaten by any other animals. This, for example, is a camel's thorn. Weigh an adult animal about 500-800 kilograms, and it lives 30-50 years. The camel's organism is very well adapted to survival in the desert. Due to the specific form of erythrocytes, a camel can drink at a time an impressive amount of water - 60-100 liters. Thus, the animal makes a supply of liquid, which can last for two weeks. When a camel for a long time does without water, its body receives it, burning fats, while the animal can lose most of its weight. In India, the milk of this animal is often consumed. It has a number of useful properties: it contains vitamins C and D, trace elements (calcium, magnesium, iron and others). Another positive property of this product is that it contains very little casein, because of which milk is difficult to digest.

Indian elephant

Elephants are also very common animals of India. In addition to the animal that lives in the given state and bearing the corresponding name, there is also another kind of elephant - African. Indian differs from it in that it has smaller ears, and smaller in size than the African ears. Another interesting fact is that there are tusks both in males and in females of African elephants, and in Indian ones only in males. These animals are the largest land animals (in size they are surpassed only by blue whales, but they live in the ocean). Elephants are used as a means of transportation in the jungle. In India they are very fond of these animals because of their agreeable nature. In addition, elephants often participate in religious celebrations.


These are very common animals of India. They inhabit such species as macaques, langurs and others. Many live even in large cities.

King of Beasts - Indian Tiger

Now in the territory of this state there are only 3200 individuals of this species. Many of them live in mangrove forests. Previously, these animals often attacked humans, so they were exterminated in large numbers, but hunting for tigers is not easy.

What snakes live in India?

On the territory of this state is inhabited by the most poisonous snake on Earth - the royal cobra. However, people very rarely suffer from her bites, as she lives far away in the woods, hunting there for small animals. Much more dangerous for humans are the spectacle snake and the sand ef. The first reaches 1.5-2 meters in length, has a rich yellow color and a dark pattern on the head, which somehow resembles glasses, hence the name. The second refers to one family with vipers. Its length is small - about 70 centimeters. It is a brown snake with a zigzag pattern on its sides.


These birds are associated with many Indian cultures. They are often found not only in the mythology of this country, but also in Persian and Islamic traditions. Even in Christianity there is a mention of a peacock - it is a symbol of life. In Indian art, this bird is very often found - both in literature, and in music, and in painting. Peacocks are very common in the territory of this state, they live almost everywhere.

Which animals in India are considered sacred?

First of all, these are cows. Since ancient times, these are sacred animals of India. They were considered as such in Ancient Egypt. In the mythology of this country there is a belief that after death you can get to the skies if you swim across the river, holding at the tail of the cow. This is also due to the fact that the milk of this animal is very often used for food. Therefore, a cow is considered a symbol of life.

Another sacred animal in India is elephants. They are considered a symbol of wisdom, kindness and prudence, they are often depicted in homes and temples. There are also sacred animals of India, who are representatives of certain gods. This, for example, monkeys - they are considered the embodiment of the god Hanuman, Rama's ally. In addition, sacred animals in India are rats. There is even a whole temple dedicated to them - there are thousands of these animals. In India there is a legend associated with them. According to her, Karni Mata was a Hindu saint, and when one of her children died, she prayed to the death god Yama that he return her son to her, and he turned all her sons into rats. Also in India there is a cult of a snake. According to ancient legends, these animals are the patrons of the waters of the valley. If you turn to mythology, you can find out that the snakes are the sons of Kadru. In myths these animals are described in human images, they are endowed with such features as wisdom, beauty and strength. In addition, in the Indian mythology there is also a peacock - Krishna's headdress was decorated with his feathers. Temples dedicated to this god are painted with images of this bird.

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