"Toyota Land Cruiser 200": tuning, description, technical characteristics and reviews

"Toyota Land Cruiser 200" - premium off-road vehicle, very popular in Russia. Such a wide prevalence of the car forces car enthusiasts to somehow highlight their cars and emphasize its advantages. The best option for the implementation of such ideas is the off-road tuning. "Toyota Land Cruiser 200" for this purpose is equipped with various accessories that increase its patency.

Front weather cloth

Changes in the appearance and technical characteristics of the car always begin with the front of the body. To emphasize the brutal design of the machine and its off-road character will help install the camera. Optimal option - high kangaroo with a lower protection bumper auto. Such a part protrudes beyond the bumper, thus protecting the body parts from damage in the frontal collision, and the dentate lower edge further covers it from various high obstacles - drifts, curbs, shrubs.

A few earlier in order to do the tuning, "Toyota Land Cruiser 200" was equipped with kenguryatnikami German production. However, in recent years, the specialists of the tuning studio have given preference to the domestic elements of the body kit, which in terms of quality are in no way inferior to foreign analogues, but they are much fewer. Therefore, if you plan to install a camera for the car Toyota Land Cruiser 200, tuning should start with the model LCN1, produced by the domestic manufacturer Tekhnotek.

No less popular than kenguryatniki, use low protection bumper like City Guard. They became popular after the aerodynamic characteristics of the updated Toyota were improved. On the car "Toyota Land Cruiser 200" tuning is extremely rarely done massive: the owners are trying not to hang the car with dimensional accessories.

Double protection of the bumper allows you to cover the lower part of it along the entire length and protects the car in light collisions and bumps. In addition, it is very aesthetic and attractive in appearance, thanks to which, and enjoys such popularity among fans of tuning.

Side weather cloth

Completed "Land Cruiser" classic black thresholds of plastic. A little to decorate and diversify their appearance can be installed edging, made of stainless steel.

If the regular thresholds are not satisfied with the appearance, then in their place can be installed those that are made of aluminum sheet and stainless steel pipes. Similar elements look much better on an SUV, and their larger dimensions are more convenient when boarding and disembarking into a car. The optimum diameter of the body kit for such a large SUV, like the Toyota Land Cruiser 200, is 76 mm. It will fit well into the overall design and will not be too contrasting with the rest of the tuning elements.

Rear weather cloth

Optimal for the car "Toyota Land Cruiser" tuning the rear of the body - this is a double corner tube, which combines both attractive design and good protective functions. They occupy almost the entire length of the bumper, but at the same time there is a place left for the installation of the towbar, which plays a significant role for those who prefer active outdoor recreation.

If you do not need to install the towbar, but maximum rear bumper protection is desired, then you can confine yourself to installing a full protection with double corners. This element of the body kit completely covers the rear bumper, but there are also its drawbacks: too much weight and dimensions. Usually does not imply the installation of single corners and single tuning pipes. "Toyota Land Cruiser" is such a large SUV that they are lost. Because of this, the car looks too hollow and unfinished.

Chip tuning

"Toyota Land Cruiser 200" has good technical characteristics and performance indicators, allowing to overcome various obstacles. Despite this, many drivers are trying to improve the basic parameters, creating a car that is fully adapted to the conditions of Russian roads. The ideal option for this is chip tuning. "Toyota Land Cruiser 200", the diesel of which is subject to re-flashing, receives performance changes:

  • The increase in power by 48-51 horsepower.
  • Lower fuel consumption.
  • The increase in torque by 69 Nm.

Reinstalling the software improves the car's response to the accelerator pedal, speed dialing dynamics and controllability on complex routes, which allows to fully reveal the full potential of Toyota.

However, it is worth remembering that an incorrectly conducted chip-tuning of a car can lead to a loss of warranty, so you need to carefully choose the atelier that will improve the technical component. The best option is to install a European original ECU, which increases the power of the Toyota engine by approximately 50 horsepower. In addition, after such a procedure, the guarantee is not canceled. In comparison with analogues, such an ECU is more expensive, but it is much better in quality and efficiency.

Tuning of salon

Tuning interior "Toyota" always begins with a complete constriction of the cabin - often the native material is replaced with artificial suede or natural leather. Color solutions can be very different - the main thing is that the chosen option suits the owner of the car and does not cause discomfort.

Separate fragments of the interior can be decorated with wooden inserts: such elements are installed on the door, the torpedo, the shift knob and the center console of the Toyota Land Cruiser 200. The tuning of the salon is rarely limited to such manipulations: many owners try to give originality and individuality to their car, even by its decoration with rhinestones and precious stones.

To do or not to do? Owners opinions

In general, one of the most popular off-road vehicles with good cross-country capability is the Toyota Land Cruiser 200. Tuning for such a car is not the easiest and easiest to perform procedure, as motorists say. In addition, such an upgrade of the car requires an investment of very large amounts: quality parts and the work of professionals will not cost a penny. However, the owners of such machines indicate that the result will cost their money. The fact is that tuning such an SUV not only helps improve its appearance. The car owners especially emphasize that it allows to increase the technical characteristics and operational parameters several times.

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