"Nokia 515": technical specifications, reviews, photos and prices

Despite the fact that now in the fashion touchscreen mobile phones with large screens and a lot of features provided by modern operating systems, there is a category of devices that continue to be successful even with its key construction. One of these is the Nokia 515 phone, the case of which is made of special aluminum alloy. Due to this, the device does not at all seem old-fashioned, on the contrary, it can become an excellent attribute of the style of a business person.

More details about the features and characteristics of this model will be discussed in today's article.

General concept

Phone "Nokia 515", technical characteristics, the reviews we collected for writing this article, is not a budget device. Rather, it can be attributed to the middle class, given the build quality, functional and, of course, the cost of the model.

The device has a small 2.4-inch display, which is covered with a special protective glass Guerilla Glass, used on touch phones. Due to the compact dimensions, it fits comfortably in your pocket and does not cause inconvenience during operation. At the same time, the model supports two SIM cards, due to which, with the Nokia 515, whose technical characteristics we will give a little further in the text, it will be easy to stay connected in different networks. Again, this will make it more advantageous to take advantage of the different mobile operators.


Describing the Nokia 525 telephone, it is worth mentioning the quality of the assembly and the materials that are used on this model. Aluminum is treated in such a way that its matte surface is very pleasantly in the hand and does not slip, as is the case with compact monoblock models. In addition, the phone's screen has an anti-glare effect, thanks to which, even in direct sunlight, the image is clearly visible on the display. As shown by the Nokia 515 technical characteristics, customer feedback, - the phone is assembled quite densely, due to which it is resistant to shocks and falls even from a great height. Therefore, worry about its integrity, as in the case of some new "iPhone", you should not.

Technical equipment

And the "stuffing" of the device is such that any touchscreen smartphone will surely envy. At that level of memory consumption, which the model has, 64 megabytes is an excellent parameter. As evidenced by the phone "Nokia 515" user reviews, delays or "glitches" with this model simply does not happen. The device menu, as well as pre-installed applications, work here as a clock. What else does a business man need?

Another interesting point is the bundle of Nokia 515. Instructions, a cord for connecting to a PC and a charger - all this the buyer will find in his box.


In addition to the simplest functions of calls, sending and receiving messages, as well as some office applications, the device also supports the camera. It has a resolution of 5 megapixels, which makes it possible to make quite tolerable pictures. For example, to make a photo of the text, which in the future will need to be downloaded to a computer and read, with this device is very simple.

If you look in the attached manual for Nokia 515 phone specifications (reviews also work), then you can find information about the LED flash. It will allow you not only to use the device as a flashlight at the right time, but also will give an opportunity to improve lighting when shooting at night, which will significantly improve the quality of pictures in the future.

Additional Features

Do not think that this phone can only take pictures and call. The platform on which the device works is also equipped with a powerful standard media player. Together with the ability to connect microSD memory cards up to 32 GB, this can make your phone an excellent audio and video player, which is supported by the inherent "Nokia 515" specifications.

Feedback about the model is quite good. People who purchased this unit have already written about its practicality and ease of use. Some comments also indicate that this device is truly reliable due to the architecture of the system on which it is based. Some buyers consider the model to be "truly male phones". However, for girls a steel compact smartphone for 2 SIM cards can also be liked.


Now, at the end of our article describing the device "Nokia 515", let's move on to the price issue. If you analyze the price of the phone in Russian online stores, we see an approximate cost of 7 thousand rubles. This, of course, is quite a high price, as for a button device. For this money you can try and look for more multi-functional sensory models. However, the quality of the work of those devices and how the 515 will function can not be compared.

Cheap Chinese phones on touch control will in every possible way show their poor build quality, which will be expressed in the backlash of the case cover, suspense when running programs, delays and other troubles. Another thing is the device that we describe in our article. Thanks to stylish design, optimized resource consumption and quality assembly, you will enjoy this phone with great pleasure.

Color variations

The developers of this mobile device came to its release with all responsibility, having prepared at once three modifications of the model - in black, gray and white colors. Thanks to this, the device can be universal - a black device is ideal for a man, while a girl can also show off with a white device. Again, thanks to the merits of the 515 model, anyone can work with it - from the company's director to the student. Compact dimensions, a lot of features, simplicity and a pleasant surface of the case - all this can be attributed to the obvious advantages of the device. Add to this, and a long battery life of 1200 mAh and get a really cool mobile device.

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