Creating a bootable USB flash drive using WinSetupFromUSB

Hello! Today we will consider creating a bootable USB flash drive. All actions will occur in the program WinSetupFromUSB. It is freely available, so you can download it for free. In the archive with the program there should be several utilities - they are all necessary for successful work.


Once you have downloaded the program, you need to somehow process the downloaded content. I will describe the creation of a bootable USB flash drive Windows XP. Before starting the recording process, you need to unzip the "Windows" into a separate folder. Do this necessarily. It does not matter in what format your Windows is stored. You can always unzip it using any archiver.


Step by step. It is recommended for this work to take a flash drive with a volume of more than 4 GB.

1. Format the flash drive. This program for creating a bootable USB flash drive has its own utility for this operation. It is called Bootice (it is installed together with the main part). Open this utility, select the flash drive to which you want to record, click on "Perform Format". In the new window, find the entry "USB-HDD mode ...", click "Next Step". Next, you need to change the file format system to NTFS. Click OK and accept all warnings.

2. We make a flash drive bootable. We return to the initial menu of the Bootice program. Now you need to select "Process MBR". Since we are recording the Windows XP operating system, we need to select "Windows NT 5 ...". Then click the "Install / Config" button. And again we agree with all warnings.

3. Write down Windows. At this stage, our USB flash drive is already ready for recording. Now you need to open the main program WinSetupFromUSB, where we select our device, which will be recorded. In the "Add to Usb disk" menu, check the box "Windows 2000 / XP ...". After this, the selection window becomes active. Click on the button on the right (with three dot symbols). Specify the directory where the previously unpacked Windows is located. Press the "GO" button. After a while, in case of a successful operation, a window with the inscription "Job Done" appears.

additional information

Creating a bootable USB flash drive using this manual will take you about 10 to 30 minutes. It all depends on the characteristics of your computer and the size of Windows itself. If an error occurred during the data recording process or the download was interrupted, then it is necessary to repeat all the steps again according to the instruction. Start in this case you need from the 1st item - formatting. After all the data is written to the USB flash drive, you can use it to install Windows. Before using it directly, you need to properly configure the Bios system of your computer and set parameters that allow you to download data from the USB flash drive.


This method allows you to easily and quickly create a bootable flash drive. It should be noted that you can use not only conventional USB-devices. But also SD-drives. The creation of a bootable flash drive should take place without any problems, if all the instructions are correctly executed. It is recommended to check the quality of the recorded information first. You can test Windows using a virtual machine. In the same way, check the already ready bootable USB flash drive.

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