"Niva-Chevrolet", fuel filter: where is it and how to replace it

Cars series "Niva" are widely popular among Russian motorists. They are great for trips to nature and fishing. At the beginning of the "zero" AvtoVAZ released a new "Niva-Chevrolet". The machine was characterized by high performance characteristics. But that this car pleased its owner with reliability, you need to change the supplies in a timely manner. These include the fuel filter "Niva Chevrolet". Where is this element, how to replace it and how to identify the symptoms of the malfunction, we will consider in our today's article.


Like the air filter, the fuel filter is an expendable material. Therefore, it must be changed periodically. "Chevrolet Niva" differs from "Niva" VAZ-2121 by the presence of an injected power system. In view of this, a different fuel filter is used in the car. On the "Chevrolet Niva" (photo of the element can be seen in our article), the degree of purification of gasoline is 10 microns. The resource of this element is significantly different and can range from 30 to 60 thousand kilometers.

Main features of the malfunction

Since the fuel filter "Niva Chevrolet" has such a takeoff in the resource, you need to be able to determine the malfunction "on the go." The main sign of the clogged element is the poor performance of the engine. The motor starts to tame, power falls. The car slowly accelerates, fuel consumption increases. Yes, with such symptoms you can continue to move. But you need to take into account that it takes much more time to overclock. This should be taken into account when making overtaking with the exit to the oncoming lane.

Why the filter is clogged - reasons

The main reason for the clogged filter is low-quality fuel. "Chevrolet Niva" - not a premium SUV, but because the owners do not worry about the contents in the tank. As a result, dirt accumulates and clogs the net. The pump can no longer transfer fuel to the system, since the filter element is completely clogged.

But not only bad fuel can cause a fuel filter to fail. "Niva Chevrolet" is an all-wheel drive off-road car, and that is why it is often operated on rough terrain. If you use a car on off-road, it is worthwhile to ensure the tightness of the tank. After all, if the water penetrates into the interior at the crossing of the ford, the fuel tank will also get. This is worth considering. The water penetrated into the fuel tank causes corrosion. As a result, it rotates from the inside. And all the exfoliated dirt and rust clogged in the filter nets. If you ignore this problem, the dirt will penetrate into the nozzles of the spray nozzles. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically check the state of the interior of the tank. Perhaps before you he was in the water (if the car was bought "with hands").

Tools for replacement

To change the fuel filter on the Niva Chevrolet SUV, you need to prepare the necessary tools. This is a set of keys (in particular, "for 10"), a screwdriver and protective rubber gloves.

How to change the fuel filter on the "Niva Chevrolet" with their own hands? Step-by-step instruction

So, having prepared the necessary tools, we start to work. First you need to find where the fuel filter is located on the Niva Chevrolet. And it is located under the pillow of the rear sofa, on the right side. In addition to the pillow itself, you need to remove (bend to the side) and factory noise insulation material. Next, unscrew the screwdriver screws that attach the lid of the tank. After that, turn off the clip lock and disconnect the wires that fit the gasoline pump. Then we sit down on the driver's seat and start the ignition. So, the pressure in the system must fall. You can also remove the fuse from the unit. Next, remove the filter element casing and remove the fittings from the fittings. To do this, they must first be compressed. After loosening the fastening of the bolt holding the filter. For this we need the key "for 10". In the next step, we compress the handpiece clamps. At the same time, remove the filter and pull out the union. Only in this way can you get the fuel filter "Niva Chevrolet" outside.


When dismantling, it is important not to spill the contents of the old filter into the tank. The fact is that one of its ends will be dirty gasoline. If it gets into the tank, a new filter will soon need to be replaced. Therefore, dirty gasoline (it usually has a brownish tinge) is poured into a separate container. Then we proceed to install a new element. How to do it? On the filter casing of the "Chevrolet Niva" you will see a small arrow. It indicates the direction of movement of the fuel. Some manufacturers highlight this arrow in color, while others make a simple stamped on the case. So, we install the filter element in the course of gasoline motion and fix the tips of the tubes. Assembly is carried out in the reverse order. We start the engine and check if there are traces of leaks. If everything is clean, the replacement can be considered complete.

Helpful advice

On the body of the gasoline pump (which is in the tank) there is a grid. This is a coarse filter. It is also necessary to periodically change it. How to determine if he needs a replacement? If the grid color turns black or brown, the element must be replaced. In the factory state, the grid is white.


So, we found out how to replace the fuel filter on the Niva Chevrolet. As you can see, you can do everything yourself with a minimal set of tools. For the future, we advise you to make a note in the logbook, in order to be aware of the upcoming replacement of the element. Sometimes the element is hammered ahead of the deadline. Therefore, as soon as the characteristic symptoms have appeared (we told about them in the middle of the article), it is necessary to make a replacement.

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