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How to make a gate in "Maynkraft" and how to use them

A huge number of mobs will constantly try to penetrate the territory of your property. So they are programmed in "Maynkraft", so you have to somehow fight them. The easiest way to do this is by erecting walls and fences. The more barriers, the higher the reliability, although the mobs can not overcome even a single fence, so the remaining layers of defense are just a precaution. But note that you yourself will not be able to climb over a fence or a wall, so you'll have to learn how to make a gate in the Maincrafter.

Using an item

To protect yourself from mobs, you need to build a fence or build a wall. By this you protect yourself and your property from an invasion that will not leave absolutely nothing behind you. But there remains a very important question of how to make the gate in the "Maincrafter", because without them not only mobs, but the character himself can not overcome the obstacle on the way. In this and the whole essence of the gate, which, incidentally, gamers are also called wicket, since, in their opinion, this gate does not pull the gate. In any case, you need to put them in order to be able to enter and leave the house (in the case of doors) and leave your territory (if it's a fence). Installation is a simple question, let's take a closer look at how to make a gate in the Maincrafter, because they are very useful to you, and the sooner you copy them, the better.

Method of manufacturing the gate

For you it is unlikely to be a discovery that the wicket has its own recipe. It is on the principle of crafting based on recipes and this game is based. So, if you want to understand how to make a gate in the "Maincrafter", then you will need to stock up a tree. From it you will nakraftrite sticks and boards, which will be useful to you in the creation of many other items.

Now we are talking about the gate, so let's consider her recipe. Open the workbench and place the ingredients as follows: place the two boards in the central cell, and in the one below it, and place the poles along the edges. As a result, it turns out that to create one gate you need two boards and four sticks. The recipe is incredibly simple and affordable, you can craft wickets from the very beginning of the game, so problems should not arise. Now you know how to build a gate in the Maincrafter. It's time to talk about some of their features.

Half-block blocks

Both the fence and the gateway visually represent one block. Therefore, many players are wondering how to make a gate in the "Maincrafter", if through them you can easily jump over. After all, we all know that both the character himself and all mobs have jumping to one block, if two are installed, then they will not be able to overcome them. But there is one secret: the fact is that both the fence blocks and the gates themselves are not single, but one and a half. This means that visually they look about the same as single ones, but neither you nor mobs can jump over them. This feature makes the gate a very important protective element, because you can pass through them, but the mobs of doors and gates can not be opened, that's why this path is inaccessible for them. Now it's finally clear how important it is to know how to craft a gate in the Maincraft.

Absence of gaps

Some players may get the impression that the gate will become a thorn in the eye of the player. After all, it will stand out against the backdrop of the fence, which is not very aesthetic. Anyone who aspires to beauty in everything, including in Maynkraft, can breathe a sigh of relief, because the fence block connects to the gate. This property of some items in the game - when positioned next to each other they merge into one common element. For example, you can take a chest: if you put two of them side by side, they will turn into a long vault. Thus, you can create a chest in the length of a dozen blocks. The same thing happens with the gate - they are combined with the fence, creating an integral structure. Therefore, nobody's aesthetic sense will not be offended.

Another plus

By the way, lovers of beauty can use one feature of the gate to build a more impressive fence. The fact is that the gate remains hanging in the air, if from under it knock out the unit on which it was installed. This means that you can create a gate two times higher than the original, and nothing prevents you from increasing the height of the walls. Thus, a bigger barrier will be obtained. As it was said before, mobs will not be able to overcome the fence, since it is a one-and-a-half, but this technique has a greater effect on aesthetics. In addition, with its help, you can use to create an obstacle, even single blocks, since you will have them on each other, thus preventing the mobs from jumping over them. And this, in turn, opens much wider opportunities in the design of its own defense complex.

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