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Famous player Admiral Bulldog

Today we will tell you about the famous player Dota 2, who calls himself this: Admiral Bulldog. In fact, his name is Henrik Anberg, and he is a very mysterious person. The DotA project considers it an integral part of its life.

Admiral Buldog ("Dotababff"): biography

Our today's hero is worthy of respect at least for visiting the gym. Admiral Bulldog is known for playing only one character - Lone Druid. In his career there were exceptions, but they were incredibly rare.

Henrik likes to conquer pubs and has an excellent winrate of 70 percent. This person gained special popularity after meeting with the player under the name of Dendi. The latter stands for Na'vi. In several competitions player TAIL could not participate, and Dandy offered to show himself to Admiral Bulldog. Evaluating the good game, calmness and responsibility of this person, he was invited to the structure of a young team NoTidehunter.

At first, it was unusual for him to break into such a strong collective after the pubs, but soon he adapted. Together, the team won the Dreamhack Winter. And she managed to show unique results. The game was brilliant, the team did not lose a single match, and in the end gave the heat to Evil Geniuses.

The team in question has achieved such success, despite its youth. Henrik himself claimed that after the victory he was in seventh heaven with happiness. In addition, our hero believes that you can not only show yourself at competitions, but also how to have fun. Together with his favorite hero - Loun Druid - he played about six hundred games, and in "Steam" more than 2.4 thousand hours compete. Henrik wants to win in the championships of The Internetional, as well as in mini-tournaments. The expression of the face of our hero actually looks like a sad bulldog. Probably, that's why he was so nicknamed.

"Alliance", Admiral Buldog and their joint achievements

"Alliance" is a cybersport Swedish organization that has the composition of the disciplines League of Legends, StarCraft and, of course, Dota 2. In 2013, the team of our hero No Tidehunter announced the creation of the Alliance Alliance. In addition to Admiral Buldog, Johan Lucici joined the organization, a starcrafter with the nickname Naniwa. Soon they were joined by a representative of the same discipline from Sweden - SortOf.

The Dota division, in which our hero participates, received the GOSU AWARDS prize as the best team. In addition to Henrik Anberg, the organization includes Johan Andersson, Gustav Magnusson, Joakim Akterhall and Jonathan Berg. At the DreamHack Winter tournament "Alliance" managed to get 14,500 dollars in prize money. During the DreamHack team earned $ 2,500. At RaidCall in Poland, athletes won another $ 2,000. On The Premier the piggy bank of the organization has replenished on 6500 dollars more. Currently announced a break in his career, the team is not represented at the competitions.

The result

So, Admiral Bulldog, who is also Henrik Anberg, has great experience in playing for Lone Druid, besides, he loves to fight Bounty Hunter. Dotu calls his life, but he remembers maintaining the form. Notice it through the efforts of the Dandy. Already at the start of his professional career he achieved colossal results. He has ambitious plans for the future.

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