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Appetizers for a buffet table. Fun and delicious.

Organizing a buffet table, you need to take into account a lot of various nuances. Choose drinks, prepare delicious meals. Note that the appetizer for a buffet table is different from the dishes served at the table during a typical feast. They should be portioned, small in size (literally, one bite), do not get your hands dirty. The easiest way to provide snacks for a cocktail party is a kind of individual packing. For this purpose it is very convenient to use ready-made tartlets, paper cakes for cupcakes, skewers. Also suitable foods that you can eat with your hands. For example, halves of eggs or corn cobs. So that guests do not get dirty, try not to use sauces or a lot of oil. Do not forget about the combination of snacks with alcoholic beverages.

Tartlets with filler

Using these convenient dough molds, you can easily serve a wide variety of snacks: spicy, hot, sweet. It is enough to prepare the appropriate mixture and fill it with a tartlet.

Wonderful fit for this purpose are all kinds of fruits and berries: kiwi, pineapple, strawberry, grapes. You can combine them to your taste, depending on the availability of products. Cutting fruits and berries - the smaller, the better. Ready mixture is laid out on the molds of the dough before the feed. From above you can pour a fruit or chocolate sauce, whipped cream. Ideal for champagne and light sparkling wine.

Caviar red or black is the most popular filler for tartlets. This appetizer is perfectly combined with sparkling or white wines, as well as strong spirits. At the bottom of the basket put a little creamy chilled butter, on top of a spoonful of caviar and a sprig of parsley.

Any components that can be filled with mayonnaise, are amazingly combined with tartlets. Prepare grated cheese with garlic, green peas with boiled shrimps, cucumbers with raisins and dill as filling. Each mixture separately season with mayonnaise, without forgetting salt and pepper. Place the filler in the tartlets and leave it for a few hours in the refrigerator.

Appetizers for a buffet table - for everyone who loves hot

If your guests prefer strong spirits, you can not do without herring. After all, this product is traditionally considered the best snack for vodka. Even better, if it is herring oil. And delicious, and drunk guests will not allow. You can serve such butter on small pieces of Borodino bread, decorating sandwiches with slices of cucumber.

It is also easy to prepare canapes from herring with cucumber and radish. To do this, it is enough to cut fish fillets into slices, vegetables with slices and fasten everything with skewers.

Perfectly combine with herring marinated ginger and olives. To this sandwich you can add fresh cucumber slices or lemon slices.
I must say that snacks for a cocktail reception on skewers are not only extremely convenient, but they look very nice.

If there is time, you can prepare for the table rolls of herring with capers. To do this you will need fillet of herring and a jar of capers marinated. Cut the fillet into strips, place a piece of cucumber in each and wrap it with a roll. Fasten with a toothpick so that the rolls do not turn.

Balls of cheese and crab sticks are prepared very quickly and look pretty pretty. It will take a jar of olives, in which the bones, almonds, cheese, mayonnaise, crab sticks, grated on a large grater are removed. First, prepare the cheese mixture. Grate the cheese with mayonnaise, so that the mass is easily molded and held in shape. In each olive put a nutlet and roll it first in cheese, then in crab sticks.

Sweet table

A variety of snacks for a cocktail reception, as a rule, include sweet dishes. If your guests come with their children, sweets will be very handy. You can serve these dishes on special plates - slides. Small cakes, sweets, fruit in chocolate, apples in caramel. All this can be put on a buffet table.

On the Internet, you can easily find a variety of snacks for a buffet table. The recipes in this article are the simplest and most affordable. Do not forget also about the cultural program. Have a good mood and a pleasant appetite for you and your guests.

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