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"Big Kitchen" (restaurant, St. Petersburg): basic information, menu and reviews

St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful and big cities in the world, where hundreds of tourists come every day who want to stay at a great hotel. As you know, in the modern world almost all hotels provide food, but, unfortunately, its quality in some cases is simply awful. Then people go in search of an excellent catering place, where modern interior, impeccable level of service and the highest quality of served dishes. It is quite logical that it is extremely difficult to find such an institution, but there is one such thing in Petersburg, and we will talk about it right now!

"Big Kitchen" is a restaurant, which is worth paying attention to those who want to have a good rest and try incredibly delicious dishes cooked according to modern recipes by the most experienced chefs of Russia. In this article we will discuss in detail the place of public catering, its menu, reviews, and much more. Well, we will begin, of course, right now!

basic information

The "big kitchen" (restaurant) is located in St. Petersburg and has been working for several years, therefore it has quite a good reputation. The average bill in this place of public catering is about 1200 rubles, which by modern standards is very acceptable. In addition, it is also worth mentioning that wireless high-speed Internet works perfectly throughout the territory of the institution, and anyone who wishes can taste Russian, European and mixed dishes here.

For those who plan to get to this institution by metro, it is worth noting that the nearest metro stations are "Ploshchad Vosstaniya", "Vladimirskaya" and "Mayakovskaya". In addition, the exact address of the institution is as follows: Ligovsky Ave., 30a, shopping and entertainment center "Gallery", fifth floor. This restaurant operates every day according to the following schedule: from Sunday to Thursday - 10.00-23.00, Friday and Saturday - 10.00-01.00.

If you plan to hold an event in this institution or want to personally talk with the manager, you should contact him at the phone number indicated on the official site of the institution, at any convenient time according to the schedule of the restaurant.


"Big Kitchen" (restaurant, "Gallery") is a fairly popular panoramic project, which is located in the center of St. Petersburg and has exceptionally positive reviews. The restaurant has its own observation deck, which is located directly under the open sky. In addition, the institution has a stage, a terrace and an open kitchen, which is quite a significant advantage.

One can not help but mention that the "Big Kitchen" (restaurant, "Gallery") has an area of 1500 square meters. At the same time, the restaurant can accommodate up to 400 people at a time, and its height from the ground is 28 meters. In addition, the institution has a modern interior and excellent decoration, and from its windows a chic view of the city.

The main card of dishes

The restaurant "Big Kitchen" has a very interesting menu, because it is represented by a huge number of various masterpieces of cooking. In this case, anyone can order a variety of breakfasts, salads, soups, meat masterpieces of cooking, fish and seafood, different types of pasta, side dishes, bakery products, vareniki and pelmeni, as well as desserts. One can not help but mention that at the end of the main card of dishes there is a special section for children, in which anyone can find a variety of salads, cocktails, desserts, soups and hot dishes for the youngest. The prices in this place of public catering are quite acceptable by modern standards, so almost everyone can afford to visit this institution.

And now let's talk in more detail about several sections of the main card of dishes!


"Big Kitchen" is the restaurant of St. Petersburg, where anyone can have a great time, having tried a wide variety of masterpieces of cooking. In this case, you have the opportunity to order a Greek pizza, cooked with olives and feta, the cost of which is 470 rubles. In addition, you can also taste a classic pizza with chicken breast, the price for which is no different. And in addition, many recommend ordering champagne!

For fans of more traditional types of pizza, there is "Peperoni" for 410 rubles, as well as "Margarita" for 330. By the way, any guest of this restaurant can also order pizza with bacon and pepper, shrimp and squid, vegetables, pears and smoked cheese for 450 , 540, 420 and 440 rubles, respectively.

Dishes for children

In this case, the choice of masterpieces of cooking is not so great, but any child will be able to find something very tasty for himself. So, you can order a salad "Carrot", prepared from sour cream, apples and carrots. The cost of this dish is 150 rubles. In addition, be sure to try chicken soup with curly paste for 160 rubles, as well as mini pizza Margarita for 210 rubles. For fans of milkshakes here there is a drink with vanilla, strawberry and almond flavors. In all cases, the price of this culinary masterpiece is 240 rubles.

If your child is very fond of sweet, then he should try pancakes with jam for 110 rubles., Apple pie with ice cream for 160 rubles or fruit salad for the same amount.


Comments on this place are catering positive. People are happy that the restaurant "Big Kitchen" is an interesting institution with a unique atmosphere and excellent level of service. The prices here are acceptable, and the quality of the food served is at a high level. In general, the restaurant is recommended.

Bon Appetit!

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