Lovely photos. New York: a hobby as an art

A person without any hobbies in our time is a boring and gray character. If you have a favorite hobby, then it becomes the best antidepressant and a means for revealing creativity. You can get involved, for example, by collecting coins or interesting pictures.

How does photography become a hobby?

Some people skillfully combine business with pleasure - they travel and take pictures of their routes. Someone goes to distant Alaska or to the Mayan pyramids, and someone brings from America a sea of impressions and vivid photos. Many people are attracted to New York. Looking at the pictures of the metropolis, you seem to return to your favorite Statue of Liberty, the lights of Broadway and a powerful bronze bull from Wall Street.

Why do tourists make such photos? New York - what's interesting about it?

The thing is that the camera - one of the most important accessories of modern man, and "Big Apple" - one of the oldest cities in the world. Many consider it an unofficial capital of the United States, because it is here that all the important financial events take place, the most vivid festivals and the best films are made.

Let's talk about where to make amazing photos. New York played a special role in the lives of many. Let us briefly review the history of its appearance.

How did the "Apple" come about?

The place of the American dream was once bought by the Dutch, and for just a few coins and a bunch of beads from shells. It is now Broadway considered the longest street, the criminal Brooklyn was remembered as the home district of many NBA players, and Wall Street was glorified by Theodore Dreiser. Earlier in their place were the parking of Indian tribes, and even nowadays there are found the tips of spears, arrows, coins, which seem to return us to the past, give impressions and photos. Many people in New York are fond of historical and cultural heritage.

What do people like to photograph in New York?

Like every city on earth, New York has places loved by all photographers and tourists. The most important thing is the Brooklyn Bridge, the length of which is 2 kilometers. It has long been a symbol of the city. Broadway is no less popular. Many photographers rightly consider it their bread. What are the only premieres of musicals about which neon posters, Soho or the majestic Holy Trinity Cathedral are broadcast!

Well and where without reflection of a business life of a city on a photo! You will never know New York unless you are on Wall Street. And how is it possible at all to miss the place where the world was saved by the "hard nut", Nicolas Cage was looking for the treasure of nations, while Leo DiCaprio and Michael Douglas made their fortunes ?!

Do not forget that the photos of the night New York, which you bring from the trip, will help not only create your own gallery, but also turn into beautiful wallpaper that will transform the interior of your apartment.

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