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Analysis and a short summary of "Tales of Lost Time" by Eugene Schwartz

What is this work of writer-storyteller Eugene Schwartz? As you know, he wrote several philosophical tales throughout his life, among which, for example, "Ordinary Miracle". And in total, Schwartz has released more than 2,000,000 books, if taken as a general circulation. Tales written in the form of plays, at first were not printed and subjected to severe criticism. But as a result, they saw the light and are still widely popular in different age categories. And on their motives are shot feature films and cartoons.

Schwartz, "The Tale of Lost Time"

One of these favorite masterpieces is this creation. It was compiled by the author in 1940. The summary of "Tales of lost time" can fit on several pages of writing paper. Let's read together.

Summary of "Tales of Lost Time"

The main character Petia Zubov, a third-grade student, does not like school very much, and in general, it's a boring occupation - to study. He constantly puts everything off the shelf, does not do homework, promises to adjust his knowledge to the appropriate level. But laziness overpowers promises and wins.

And then one day he suddenly turns into an old grandfather, changing so that even his own mother does not recognize the boy. He does not know what to do next, and runs off into the forest, which is located nearby. A boy in the form of a grandfather feels full of despair, he is overcome by sad thoughts, that, they say, here he is already old, but he has not had time to do anything in life. And did not even notice how old he was.

Being in this mood, Petya gets into a small forest house where there is no one. There he goes to rest. Waking up, the boy-grandfather sees that the owners returned: two boys and two girls. They sit down at the table and start counting something on the bills. Petenka these children seem very suspicious and unusual, because they turn to each other on the patronymic and behave quite like old people.

Zubov opens a terrible secret: it's not schoolchildren - boys and girls, but the real wizards, very, very evil. It was they who made Petya old. In general, night visitors of the house are engaged in the fact that they steal minutes and hours from children. Those who have a habit of wasting time in vain (like most people)! Petya learns that, in addition to him, the temporary wizards artificially aged three more schoolchildren.

There is an exit!

We continue to present a short summary of "Tales of Lost Time". Not everything turned out to be so sad. It turns out that the boy has another chance to return to childhood. To do this, you need to find all the other victims of the villainous magic enchantments and together come to the forest magical house, where you turn the hands of the gates 77 turns back. And it's absolutely necessary to do this procedure at midnight, otherwise everything will be irretrievable.

Petya Zubov, at the cost of many efforts, manages to do everything right. He finds old children, turned wizards, and leads them to a forest hut. And the most surprising thing is that almost the first time they have everything without delay. Children again become children, old wizards have disappeared, and justice has triumphed. Here is a summary of "Tales of Lost Time." The plot is written with humor and interesting language.

Summing up

Here is the "Tale of Lost Time" before us. We have already reviewed the summary. But what is the moral? And it is, like any fairy tale. The main thing is the need to appreciate time, without wasting it on trifles. After all, it is something without which there is not one thing in the world that everyone has, only to some people it seems that they have everything with a vengeance. But in fact, time is our priceless treasure, which must be spent sparingly.

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