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Would you like to cook a couscous jam with a bone? The recipe is especially for you!

Kizil - a berry for the central and northern regions of Russia is quite exotic, but for the southern - quite familiar. The fruits of the cornel tree reached the technical degree of ripeness are delicious, useful, because Contain a large number of trace elements, pectin, mineral salts and other substances necessary for our body. Thanks to a pleasant acidity and a light tart note, they well quench their thirst. They also knock down the temperature, they have a fortifying effect. Therefore, berries are recommended, if possible, eat raw and store for the winter. For example, in the form of jam.

Dogwood jam: the main way

It is recommended to prepare a dogwood jam with a bone. The recipe and cooking technology in this case is much simpler. After all, the layer of flesh around the bone is small, the berry itself is quite firm, its skin is dense. Because it will be difficult to grind. And a couple more clarifications. First, it requires a lot of sugar, any cornel jam (with or without a bone, does not play a role). After all, the fruits themselves, even with consumer ripeness, are still sourish. Secondly, they are not as succulent as cherries or strawberries, and when boiling they need to add water. Thirdly, for better preservation of canned food in corn jam with a bone, the recipe recommends putting a little citric acid. By the way, thanks to her the taste of the product turns out to be more vivid, saturated. Yes, and the appearance of the dessert, its coloring is also noticeably improving. But let's return to practical advice and recommendations. We start to prepare a cousine jam with a bone. The recipe is this: for each kilogram of berries requires 1.2-1.3 kg of sugar and half a liter of water. In order for the fruits to become softer, they need to be lowered twice into boiling water, that is, to try out. Then pour for a couple of minutes of cold to cool. After that, pour the berries into a basin and prepare the pouring: in hot water, dissolve the sugar, allow to boil, removing the foam. After 5 minutes, remove the syrup from the fire and pour into the dogwood. Also wait, let it boil. Turn off the gas, set the pelvis of the hour to 4, then put it again. At the very end, sprinkle a little citric acid, hot jam over the sterile jars and roll them. Here's how to cook a cousine jam for 1 day.

Dogwood jam: method 2

A delicacy is prepared and in one sitting. To do this, for every kilogram of washed up strawberries packed in a bowl, the same amount of sugar is poured and poured into a glass and a half of water. Turn on the gas, allow the contents to boil. Then reduce the heat and cook for 2-2.5 hours, stirring and taking off the foam. Be careful that the jam does not burn, do not start pestering the walls and the bottom. Ready products put on sterile jars and tighten.

Jam without seeds

And now a few words about how to cook a cousine jam without seeds. Berries need a little boil (a couple of minutes), let them cool and rub through a sieve. The process is time-consuming, it requires a large wooden spoon or pestle. To make it easier, we advise you to use the colander better, the peel in the grid will not get stuck. Then add sugar and cook until ready, the degree of thickening is determined at will.

Serve a wonderful berries on health!

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