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How to cook shrimp frozen properly

Shrimp - a very tasty and healthy seafood. They can be used to prepare various dishes, and you can serve and just for a beer or an aperitif as an independent snack. Of course, the most delicious shrimp are freshly caught. But since most of the territory of our country is located far from the oceans, these seafood get to our table in a frozen form. And if you cook them at random, without knowing the culinary secrets, then as a result you can get completely inedible rubber. Let's see how to cook shrimp frozen.

But first we will understand that there are several types of these seafood on sale. No, we are not talking about breeds (royal, brindle, etc.), but about the features of cutting and cooking. Uncleaned shrimps are crustaceans in their natural form, with paws, heads, shell. They are the cheapest, but the profit when buying is very doubtful. You will see for yourself when separating the edible parts from inedible. The last will be two-thirds of the package! How to cook frozen shrimp shrimps ? Separating anything from the ice block is unlikely to succeed. Because you need to clean them after cooking. But first you need to unfreeze the packaging. The longer this process takes place, the more delicious the dish will become, and the more useful substances remain in it. The day before the cooking just move the bag from the freezer to the shelf of the refrigerator.

Most manufacturers are selling already cut shrimp. They have no heads and legs, but still with a shell. How to cook shrimp frozen in this category? In the same way as the undivided. Water boiling, podsalivaem, squeezed into it half of the lemon, lay already thawed shrimp. The thermal processing of seafood is radically different from cooking meat or fish. With crustaceans it happens this way: the longer they cook, the harder they become. Once the shell has become transparent, and the meat has turned pink, remove from heat. If you are dealing with uncooked shrimp, rinse them immediately with cold water - this is another secret of professionals who know how to cook shrimp frozen. It will allow you to easily get rid of the shell.

The time of preparation of crustaceans depends on the size of seafood. Often we are dealing with small, so-called cocktail shrimp. They should be heat treated for no more than two minutes from the moment of boiling. But if you decided to pamper yourself and did not spare money for exotic seafood, how to cook shrimp royal frozen? Naturally, a little longer. But again, no more than five minutes after re-boiling. In principle, it is best to focus on the color of meat: it must turn from dirty gray to soft pink. On the shelves of shops are increasingly appear already cooked shrimp, which is not difficult to guess by their light red color. Such products are also cooled. How to cook shrimp frozen and already ready, and whether it is necessary to heat them at all? If you have a microwave oven, then it's enough to heat such a product just there. If not, then you can submit shrimp to the table in this way. We prepare broth from water, laurel leaf, spices and herbs. You can add a little beer to the water. After the broth boils, pour into it, without defrosting, shrimp, and wait until the liquid boils. We catch seafood, we throw it back to the colander, we serve it to the table. Bon Appetit!

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