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Composition on the theme "Take care of nature" for schoolchildren

Composition for schoolchildren - the task is very responsible and difficult. That's why the task of parents is to help your child, to tell you correctly how to write it. Often asked an essay on the topic "Take care of nature" for schoolchildren of different ages. It is necessary to give due attention to such an important topic for humanity. At the same time, you can help your child understand how he can save the environment in which everyone lives.

Writing plan

Before you begin to set out your thoughts, you need to make a plan for creation. The essay on "Take care of nature" can be as follows:

  • Introduction. It should tell what the saying will be about. List important moments of the composition.
  • Main part. In this column, you can write all your ideas about what a person can do to preserve nature and ecology.
  • Conclusion. It should sum up, draw conclusions about whether people do everything possible to save the Earth or not.

Such a plan of writing is the most optimal. If there is a desire, then it is possible to make more detailed points, according to which the child will easily perform the writing of the story.

The essay on "Take care of nature" for the youngest

Such themes are asked both to children of the first years of study, and those who are already in high school. It's clear that small boys and girls will write in their own way, and adults are different. The most important thing is that the essay on the theme "Take care of nature" carried the thought that must be conveyed in such a scripture.

Let's consider an example.

Nature is life. She needs to be cared for and cared for. To do this, we will not need much effort.

Nature spoils:

  • Exhaust gases from cars.
  • Trash on the street.
  • Left in the forest is not an extinguished fire.
  • Smoke from the factories.
  • Small number of plantings.
  • Smoking.
  • Natural phenomena.

What we can do:

  • At least sometimes you can drive without a car, for example, by bicycle or public transport.
  • Dispose of waste in designated locations.
  • Carefully inspect the territory after rest, there are no burning embers, garbage.
  • As for the factories manufacturers should think about how to make them less harmful to the environment.
  • If each of us plant a tree, then it becomes easier for nature and people to breathe.
  • Adults need to smoke less, so as not to smoke the air.
  • With natural phenomena it is difficult to do something. Although, perhaps, if each of us adhered to the elementary rules of dealing with nature, then the cataclysms would become less.

Nature can be saved by everyone's strength. The most important thing is to understand that this is very important for each of us.

Such an essay on the theme "Take care of nature" will help express the emotions and emotions of each of the students. Therefore, it is often necessary to give tasks of this type, so that children learn to take care of the environment with their own stories.

Composition on the theme "Take care of nature": 6 class and senior classes

In high school are also often asked similar work. Children of this age will easily write an essay on the topic "Take care of nature."

Let's consider an example.

Our Earth is full of secrets and features. She is a living organism that requires careful and careful treatment of herself.

To preserve nature, it is enough that every person on Earth at least once a day for this would carry out useful actions. We ourselves can decide how we can help nature.

For example, you can plant a tree or several. They help clean the air, so we will help nature perfectly. Even at least several times a month should abandon the car. Yes, it's convenient, comfortable, but for nature the exhaust fumes from the traffic are harmful. Nothing difficult is to sometimes ride a bus or bike. It is very important not to throw garbage on the street. Collected in special containers, waste is transported to a landfill, where they are destroyed. The wrapper, thrown to the ground, will travel around the world for a long time, never getting into the trash can.

Let's take care of our planet, it's our house!

Maybe get an assignment to write an essay on "Take care of nature" 7 class too. These are already grown-up children who will easily express their views on this matter.

What to do with accents in the composition

Of course, you need to put emphasis on the main thing. The essay on "Take care of nature" should convey as much as possible what a person can do to preserve it. Even the most elementary actions will help to keep this world clean and beautiful.

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