Removing paint from hair at home

The modern beauty industry has a great many ways to quickly and radically change its image. One of them is hair coloring. Many ladies love to experiment and do not always think about the consequences, because sometimes the experiences on themselves end up quite unsuccessfully. At present, the washing of hair from the hair, the photo of which is shown below, is performed in any beauty salon. But at home you can easily get rid of the sad consequences of a bad painting experience.

Folk recipes

Salon washing of hair from hair, the price of which varies depending on the length of your hair (short - 1300 rubles, average - 1500 rubles, long - 1700 rubles), always high-quality. And, of course, washing away hair from the hair at home can not produce pronounced results like salon chemical. However, it will not damage the hair, make them obedient and soft, relieve them of dryness and return a lively shine. "Grandmother's recipes" - a real way to gently lighten your hair for two or three tones.

Oily composition

Removing the dye from hair at home in this way is most useful for very damaged and dry hair.

You can use any oil: sesame, olive, coconut, sunflower, burdock or almond. If using coconut, then melt it first in a water bath. Take 2 ordinary glasses of butter and add there two tablespoons of animal fat. The resulting mixture at low heat, warm up to 35 degrees. A similar washing of hair from the hair at home is applied to damp curls. How to distribute the oil, put on a cellophane bag or a rubber cap. After an hour, rinse the mask with hot water. If there is a desire, then you can repeat the procedure every day - your hair will be grateful!

Egg mixture

If the hair is greasy, then the mix of egg yolks, vodka and castor oil is your option. In a glass of castor oil, pour half a glass of vodka. Egg yolks need to be freed from white films and added to the existing mixture. The composition should be kept on the hair for three to four hours.

Tar soap

This special remover of hair from the hair at home is suitable only for those who have normal hair, and there is no problem with the sensitivity of the scalp. Tar can be replaced by an economic one, but after the procedure it is necessary to make a moisturizing or nutritious masochku. Red hues of paint are perfectly washed off with a mix of tar shampoo (soap on a grater, a glass of boiling water and two tablespoons of cognac) and acetylsalicylic acid.

Fruit masochki

Removing the dye from hair at home on a fruit basis will help brighten the hair. Take 10 lemons and squeeze out the juice from them, grind the remaining peel to a mushy condition in a blender. Mix this mug with the juice, add two spoons of alcohol and spread over the surface of the hair. A similar wash can be prepared from strawberries, sour apples. Its use is contraindicated for anyone with sensitive scalp, or there are micro-trauma on its surface.

Kefir-soda wash

This mix gives the most pronounced result. Stir half a cup of hydrated baking soda with a glass of kefir. In order to wash the paint from hair at home easily, add 4 tablespoons. Your favorite shampoo. Rinse the composition with a balm-rinse after half an hour.

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