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Death of Man

No death is accidental, it is also a program according to which we were born on Earth, but death can not be desired, as a person, being carried away by other deeds, deviating from the true path, spends the most precious in life: TIME. He aimlessly surrenders to pleasure, dreams or from idleness loses his head, while his main business remained unfulfilled, and his development remained unfinished. After graduating from school a person aspires to a higher educational institution, and after receiving higher education he should strive to improve himself and study until his death.

The human program is designed and selected by divine beings so that the individual develops. Even the suffering that is given to us serves us well, we simply did not comprehend it, therefore we do not appreciate it, we even give it a negative evaluation. If we are at least sincere in our souls, let us anakise the time we have lived, recall those cases about which tears were shed, suffered, regretted, understood, what mistake was made, it will become clear that all this was not in vain. The fact that we are now noticing our growth and development is all due to the suffering we have experienced.
Often we say: "If my present mind were then, everything would be different." But do not forget that if there was not something that had already happened, then we would not have this mind either. It is necessary to remember only about the loss of time. Time on Earth is given to us in a certain amount, so much that it will be enough to implement our program, of course, with its rational use.

We will not achieve anything if we deal only with cursing, sitting idle, aimless conversations, we will run after pleasures. In addition, there are people who do not harm others during their entire existence, but also do not help them, that is, they live and spend time on life without development, choosing an easier path that leads to the reverse development, to regress. That is, they not only do not fulfill their program, but also lose their previous acquisitions, because of which they are expected to face new difficult years, even difficult lives - in order to restore what they have lost.

We know of numerous heroes who sacrificed their lives in order for others to live, they died young. Death of this kind is not death, since these people have established their immortality, they have fulfilled their program, which, and. Their earthly life ended. They confirmed that they have already become full-fledged people and deserve the right to live surrounded by real people. This step is higher than the earthly one.

The death of a person after 40-50 years is considered premature. Yes, it is premature in terms of earthly concepts, but if a person was born and lived on Earth for a short time, he completed his program and must return to complete his work on new programs, with the results of new tests carried away from the Earth, then by cosmic thinking this death Has an argument. If at that age a person has not fulfilled, and there is no hope that he will execute his program, then his living on the Earth is meaningless. It is a common misconception that a person appears before a court only after death, and goes to heaven or hell. After death, he goes to his new place, which has already been determined.

The trial of a person occurs even on the Earth every day, every second, which he not only does not notice, but does not perceive as a court. When it is said that a person goes to heaven, this means that by his development he is moving away from life, he lives evolution and goes to higher-level planets - to continue his development. When we say that a person goes to hell, then we should not have in mind some special place where people's souls are burning. And here, next to us, many burn in the fire and do not notice that they are burning. Even if the environment of a person is not aware of his dark affairs, then the person himself knows and can not forget about it. This is enough to make him suffer and that even the pleasure he receives is not full. And what the hell really is? This is the regression, the reverse development of man, which leads him to ultimate destruction.

We know that everything on the Earth: people, plant and animal world are so diverse that a person himself is not capable of classifying them. There are even such species that it is impossible to even distinguish whether it is a plant or an animal. So is humanity. There are people who have a human face, but with animal instincts and qualities, they live without reason. However, our present population has already been on the Earth about eleven to thirteen times to make its development complete. A man on earth is given freedom, he reigns in the material world, but he must not forget that it is temporary, that there is death. Death by its existence reminds a person that he came to Earth for a while, and even then it is unclear for how long. During life on earth, one should think about the will of the absolute and about uniting it with this will. As an entity on the Earth, a person acts on three programs: thinking, feeling and activity, the first of which is realized with the help of the thought body - the spirit; Feelings are guided by the soul, and activity is produced by the physical body through the mediation of the first two. For more details, see the section on thinking, astral and ethereal programs.

In every man there is both male and female beginnings, so that a person can fulfill the will of the absolute, be reunited with his will, acquire knowledge, understand himself, correctly fulfill the divine will. The program of the masculine principle demands the fulfillment of the divine will, and the feminine principle demands from the person, through imagination, to comprehend himself and the secrets of his environment.

Knowing the divine will and revealing secrets, a person will have the opportunity to go to immortality, to development. It must also be taken into account that the person acting under the three programs has three possibilities: love, knowledge and strength that can help a person to build their life correctly .

If a person uses this to satisfy their own desires and pleasures, or applies them to evil, moreover, if there is no hope that he will return and will correspond to his program, then death will come to the scene in various ways to stop the person's regress.


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