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Spetsnaz weapons strike without a miss

There are legends about the Special Forces of the GRU. They say that they can take a small team to capture the city and keep it until the main forces approach. Another area of activity of special forces is counter-terrorism and peacekeeping operations. The third is the release of the hostages. There are also a dozen lines of activity of special forces. These guys are able to covertly approach any object and perform the task with minimal losses among personnel and hostages. They are sometimes reported in the media without a detailed account of the decisions and specific actions taken, but the weapons of the special forces are silent at all.

Briefly about the history of special forces

Special forces have been separated into a separate species relatively recently. Officially, in our country they were created in 1950 (the GRU special forces). In fact, some teams have existed before. For example, in A. Dumas's famous novel "Forty-Five" an example is given of creating a detachment designed to secretly guard the king and carry out special assignments. And earlier similar groups served their suzerain, secretly conducting these or other operations. In the army of Genghis Khan there was a reconnaissance group, which carried out deep raids into the enemy's camp, fishing for secrets. In his historical novel "Genghis Khan", V. Jan describes in detail the formation of spetsnaz units that contribute to the rapid conquest of Asia and Eastern Europe. Denis Davydov - the hero of the Patriotic War of 1812 - also commanded a detachment that played the role of special forces. In his squad, the main weapon of the special forces is a checker that deals with chopping and stabbing blows, a pistol or a rifle possessed less efficiency in a short-term duel. From mid-September until November, the road from Smolensk to Moscow was completely paralyzed by these hussars. Not a single convoy of food and weapons ever reached Napoleon, who was waiting for additional supplies from Europe. The chasseurs disappeared without a trace on the Old Smolensk road.

What is armed with special forces

Weapons of special forces include everything that can be used to destroy the enemy. First of all, firearms open and hidden wearing. Its production is handled by several specialized design bureaus, where not only development, but also testing in various possible application situations occurs. The Russian special forces weapons are considered one of the best in the world. For example, in a number of operations, sniper rifles were used that hit the target at a distance of more than 2 km! Such a target fire indicator could not be repeated even by soldiers from the Mossad (Israel), who are rightly considered to be one of the best in the world. Works on the creation of special weapons are not published, but it is really being created in all the armies of the world. Among the special forces themselves there is an opinion: "If the weapon has thundered, the operation is failed." In fact, in military operations, the thunder from shooting causes panic in the enemy's camp, and when carrying out covert actions, it must remain silent and be used only in critical situations.

Special Forces Melee Weapons

You can destroy the enemy with your bare hands, it is important to know how and where to strike. A weapon that does not use the power of burning or explosion is considered to be cold. It includes knives (daggers, daggers, stilettos), shovels, axes, throwing arrows and darts, shurikens, nunchakas, etc. Mankind came up with so many different ways of destroying their own kind that it's almost impossible to list everything that can be killed. According to the warriors, you can destroy the opponent with a ballpoint pen and a hair clip. Spetsnaz weapons are very diverse. In the hands of an experienced fighter, any object becomes dangerous. Of course, there are universal knives, which, if necessary, can hit the enemy at some distance. Special trainings achieve original ways of throwing, when the flying attacking object does not rotate. He goes to the target, hits, and then paralyzes or kills the enemy. Visually, sometimes it's even difficult to understand that there are special-purpose weapons in their hands.

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