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Almost everything was said about the sound industry in the eighties of last century. However, to date, this topic is rarely affected. Publications about acoustic systems can be found only in some specialized publications. But many of us do not even suspect about the opportunities that modern audio technologies can provide.

Entertaining systems

A home for every person is the place where, after a hard day's work, he can relax by spending time reading books or watching TV. For many of us, it's equally nice to listen to your favorite music or enjoy watching a movie.

In order to get a full sense of comfort, you need a good speaker system. Of course, in any technology there are built-in speakers. However, they tend to be of low quality. That's why many people are eager to purchase additional devices for sound output. What are the best home acoustic systems?

Criteria of the requirement

How to choose a speaker system for home use? First of all, it will be necessary to determine why it is needed. Of course, a good acoustic system for a sensitive music lover and for an ordinary housewife is a far from equivalent concept. After all, their requests are radically different from each other.

In addition, you will need to make a real assessment of the possibilities of the premises. Even if a good speaker system, but with high power, is hardly suitable for a small room of nine square meters.

That's why choosing a speaker for a house is not an easy task. And when solving this issue, it will be necessary to proceed not only from the parameters of the technique that reproduces the sound, but also from its key features. Do not forget about your own preferences, as well as about personal financial opportunities.

Acoustic bands

The systems for sound reproduction are divided into five groups. The first of these includes single-side acoustics, the second one has a two-way acoustics, and so on. How to choose an acoustic system for this parameter? People who do not have special requests or are simply deprived of musical ear, it is enough to purchase a single-band system. All sounds of such speakers are issued only from one speaker.

The best system is two-way. In it, one of the speakers reproduces the sounds of medium and low frequencies, and the second - high. This is a good speaker system for watching movies or listening to music, because it is separately transmitted deep bass. A subwoofer is used. This is a column that reproduces the low frequency range of audio frequencies. It has a fairly powerful speaker built in.

A good speaker system for people with a more refined musical taste is three-way. In it, high, medium and low frequencies are reproduced in separate speakers. Such a system allows you to hear a more even sound and more legible speech.

The most demanding listeners are advised to purchase four- and five-way systems. In them, the sound quality will be as high as possible.


How to choose columns based on this parameter? Some buyers believe that the most powerful speakers allow you to get the maximum volume. However, it is not. The power of acoustics does not speak at all about the strength of the sound it gives out.

This parameter indicates the mechanical reliability of the system. The higher it is, the more durable the work of the columns will be. When choosing acoustics , one thing should be considered. It will be more qualitative in the case when the power of the speakers is higher than the same parameter of the amplifier.

Active and passive

The existing acoustic systems are divided into two types. The first one is active. In such a system, the amplifier is in the column. In the passive type, it is located separately.

Acoustic systems with an amplifier simply plug into an outlet. At the same time they immediately start to give out sounds. Passive systems will not work that way. In order to hear sound from such speakers, you will need to connect an amplifier. Simply put, the active type of acoustics works like ordinary computer speakers. Passive system is similar in principle to the action on the headphones, which are not connected to the outlet.

Acoustic systems with an active type amplifier have a big plus. It consists in the simplicity of their use. In this regard, the entire system is quite mobile. It's easy to put it in another place or unmount it. Another plus of active acoustics is that each of its bands, that is, the speaker, has a separate amplifier, at the output of which there are separation filters. They are also active. Such a filter is easy to adjust. And this allows you to get a quality sound.

An important criterion in choosing is the wider frequency range of the active system, as well as the presence of a volume control on the speakers, which is very convenient for operation.

Some advantages are in the second type of system. First of all, they are in their relatively low cost. In this case, passive systems are usually more powerful than active ones, and they can always be combined with the amplifier available in the house. In addition, these columns do not need to be supplied with a linear signal and voltage.


A good speaker system, capable of reproducing the loudest sounds, has a high sensitivity. This indicator is measured in decibels. Their number determines the sound pressure that the speakers can exert on the surrounding space. The higher the sensitivity, the louder the sound. For home use, speakers that have a value of 85 decibels are perfect.


This parameter is also important for those who are interested in a good speaker system. A person is able to hear only those sounds that are in a certain range. It ranges from 20 to 20,000 Hertz. In this case, the frequencies are divided into the following:

- low, ranging from 10 to 200 hertz;
- medium - from 200 to 5000 Hertz;
- high - from 5000 to 20000 Hz.

An acoustic system purchased for a home theater can have a frequency ranging from 100-20000 Hertz. Melomanam recommended columns with a large interval. The best for them will be acoustic systems with a frequency of 20 to 35000 Hz.

Type of shell

This parameter should also be considered when choosing a speaker system. The most popular are columns of closed, as well as bass-reflex type. The case of the first of them is the simplest. It can have a diverse design and satisfy the tastes of a wide variety of customers.

However, with a closed space, the frequency of the lower resonance increases significantly. This has a negative effect on the transmission of low frequencies. In this connection, in most speakers, a bass-reflex enclosure is used.
It is an open box with perfectly sized dimensions. In the case there is a vent, which directs sound from the back of the speakers to the front. This allows you to significantly increase the volume of the bass.


On sale you can find columns made of plastic, wood and chipboard. Each of these materials has its own merits. So, plastic allows you to realize the boldest design decisions. It is quite cheap and easy. However, the sounds reproduced by such columns are much simpler. This is due to the rattling of the plastic at high frequencies. Such columns, as a rule, find their application when using a computer. They are not good for watching movies. In such cases, the best option is the speaker system, made in a wooden case.

Those who opted for plastic, it is recommended to select columns without sharp corners, edges and wide panels, as well as having a high-quality reliable assembly.


For a small room suitable ceiling columns. They are compact enough, have a small cost and provide a good sound. The main disadvantage is shallow bass. In addition, the ceiling columns have a low sensitivity. To play a loud sound, only 40 watts of power is needed.

A good speaker system for the hall is a rack-mount system. In size, it is more than ceiling, but at the same time it provides sufficient depth of low frequencies.
Quite convincing basses sound thanks to the outdoor speakers. It is also an excellent speaker system for the hall, capable of shaking the floor in the room. These speakers produce a good sound and do not need a superpower amplifier.

However, the dimensions of the speakers are the main reason, because of which to eliminate additional body oscillations they must be attached to the floor. In addition, when such speakers are moved away from the walls for better sound, the space they occupy is significantly increased. Such acoustic systems are quite massive and attract attention. And their cost is not so small.

Professional equipment

According to some fans of good music, such audio systems are the most high-quality. However, in fact, everything is different. Professional acoustic systems have their name is not at all advantageously differing these or other parameters. They are simply used to carry out activities related to sound reproduction.

Professional acoustic systems do not have any design delights, and when they are made, expensive materials are not used. Their main difference from amateur speakers is the use of some elements capable of withstanding a constant load. After all, such systems work in shops or fitness clubs all the time, during the whole working time. In addition, professional speakers have great power. It allows them to voice a vast enough space.


Those who want to acquire the best acoustic system and have sufficient means, it is worth considering the technique of those manufacturers who are leaders in the market for sound reproduction equipment. And first of all I want to say about the company Bowers & Wilkins (B & W). In the list of the best manufacturers of acoustic systems, it rightfully occupies one of the first places. The company specializes in the production of the most advanced home theaters. At the same time, it offers its customers only the best acoustics, which ideally reproduces any music. Such systems are not cheap. However, with their help you can hear almost perfect sound.

The rating of the acoustic systems of the best manufacturers continues the technique of the company Rotel. It arose as a small family business, and today it is a solid company, professionally engaged in sound equipment. Comments from consumers who bought her appliances for home use, confirm the high quality of the devices. In addition, the company produces audio systems that are suitable for customers with different levels of income.

Available and quality speakers are offered by Yamaha. This Japanese manufacturer knows a lot about not only in acoustic systems. Some departments of the company also produce classical and other musical instruments, which are highly valued by consumers all over the world.

Jamo is well known to many users and audio equipment. The columns it produces are of high quality and are in various price categories.

Sound-worthy products are produced by such brands as JBL, Magnat, Dali and HECO.

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