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Smart fitness bracelets with pulse meter: description, photo

The sports industry boasts a variety of devices and devices that are aimed at interacting with a person. A real revolution in the manufacture of sports accessories produced fitness bracelets with a pulse meter. These devices greatly facilitate the sports activities due to the fact that the built-in functional takes into account the amount of calories consumed and the heart rate.

History of development

For the first time, the military began to analyze the data on the physical condition of the man in the fifties of the twentieth century. But then it could be done only with the use of a large number of sensors connected to the body of the experimental. A little later, these technologies spread to athletes.

At the dawn of the 21st century, functions for measuring the pulse and calculating the amount of calories spent were built into exercise bikes. And closer to our time, there was an opportunity for analyzing the athlete's body condition in real time right in the sport, simply wearing the device in the form of an accessory. It happened in 2011, and fitness bracelets with a heart rate monitor became in demand in a matter of days.

The pioneer in this area was the company Jawbone, released a fitness bracelet with a rubberized body and vibration function, which was aimed at a broad audience - Jawbone UP. This tracker gave birth to the whole Health Oriented industry.

Description and for whom are intended

The latest development, which combines the achievements of technological progress and fashion for health, has become a fitness bracelet with a pulse meter and a smart alarm clock. This accessory is a small-sized product that is simply worn on the wrist. It has many different design solutions and a variety of colors.

The device works thanks to built-in sensors and special software installed on the phone, tablet or computer. With the help of these devices, the results of studies, indicators and dynamics of the functioning of the body systems are monitored.

The main advantage that a smart fitness bracelet with a heart rate monitor has is its multifunctionality. He can measure the pulse, temperature, pressure, sweating, and calculates burned calories, so that you can develop weight loss programs. The parameters of the heart rate monitor can warn in time about overload and reduce the burden on the body.

Recently, the market for sports gadgets shows a trend where one manufacturer offers for sale not only watches and bracelets of its brand, but also mobile devices. This is done so that all these devices can be easily synchronized with each other.

Device manufacturers

The market of sports devices is represented by a large number of manufacturers.

Fitness bracelets with a pulse meter are made not only by companies that produce mobile applications and operating systems, such as Sony, Siemens, LG, Microsoft, Xiaomi, Samsung, which are the largest in their niche and have proven themselves as proven manufacturers.

In this area, there are also purely sports brands, such as Nike. Their close productive cooperation with the manufacturers of mobile devices made it possible to create a product that, along with the sporting style, is an excellent human assistant.

Advantages and disadvantages of gadgets

Many people think about what fitness bracelets with a pulse meter are different from smart hours. And the advantages and differences are:

  • There is a function for keeping statistics of the owner's active behavior.
  • The built-in alarm clock allows you to set the sleep time.
  • The device can transfer collected data to a mobile device for further processing for scheduling sessions.
  • Without a powerful processor and a large monitor, gadgets quite a long time without recharging, working in offline mode.
  • Since the clock is more focused on functionality, a fitness bracelet with a pulse meter (the reviews confirm this) looks much more modern and more stylish.
  • Bracelets allow you to quickly and accurately monitor any changes in the pulse to adjust the intensity of movement.
  • Watching how many calories are burned, people get effective motivation for further studies.

Moving daily, the majority believes that a lot moves during the working day and certainly goes through the put ten thousand steps. But such a device as an intelligent bracelet, as an independent expert, can dispel the data of delusions by the readings on the display.

Kinds of smart bracelets

In the form of a device is built into the fitness bracelet with a pulse meter and a smart alarm clock, a function that measures the pulse, thanks to which you can fairly accurately identify and then record the rhythm of contraction of the heart muscle during the exercise. The rhythm of the cardiac contractions shows the degree of both short-term and prolonged physical activity, giving it the opportunity to choose the intensity of the training, the frequency and duration of breaks between approaches.

Therefore, it is important, depending on the exercises, that the device does not cause inconvenience and is most comfortable for the owner. In general, the heart rate monitor can be structurally located on the chest or wrist. In the first case, the information on the heart rhythm is extracted with the help of a chest strap, and in the second the readings are taken from the wrist or finger. The first method is considered to be more reliable, but not very convenient. The second one is more comfortable, to measure the pulse readings, the finger is applied to the touch screen. The latter method is taken as a basis and installed in a fitness bracelet with a pulse meter (and pressure).

Smart Features

The most important task of the device is the collection of data, which can then be analyzed. The features and functions of various models of fitness bracelets are as follows:

  1. Pulsometer - monitoring the heart beat readings both during cardio loads and during periods of rest. Melting fat deposits begins at loads amounting to seventy percent of the maximum.
  2. Fitness bracelet "Pulsometer-pedometer" makes it possible to count the number of steps passed for a certain time period. Very easy to use for runners and slimming. To maintain the physical form of a person must take at least six thousand steps a day, and for weight loss - Not less than ten thousand, which is approximately five kilometers.
  3. Awakening - This function analyzes the sleep phase and will be the owner of the bracelet at the most appropriate time for it. Also, the gadget can tell when it's better to go to bed, so that the next morning feel cheerful and asleep. After all, it has long been known that six to eight hours of a night healthy sleep makes up sixty percent of a deep phase, and it is desirable to wake up in a fast phase, which the device tracks.
  4. Most devices of this type have protection from splashes and water jets during showering, but are not protected from the long exposure of the aquatic environment. The exception is a fitness bracelet with a heart rate monitor for swimming.
  5. Calculation of calories - is carried out on the basis of input data by weight, height, sex, duration and type of training.
  6. A personal nutritionist - reminds you when and what caloric intake you need to take. Compare the amount of energy spent and replenished (data on food types are entered manually).

Which fitness bracelet with a pulse meter you choose

When choosing this device, you need to take into account a number of features:

  • Compact smart bracelets come with a display and without it;
  • When purchasing such a device it is desirable to have a smartphone with a new operating system and an installed application;
  • When choosing it is important to pay attention to the size, since it will be impossible to change this parameter, and wider than necessary, can give incorrect and inaccurate results;
  • Bracelets have a variety of designs and rich colors, and since they have to be worn throughout the day, then you need to choose the most suitable, so as not to get bored and did not look different from clothes;
  • When buying, you need to take into account that in this case, the value for money is important: cheap models, as a rule, are less durable and aesthetic;
  • To buy the device better from certified vendors, so as not to buy an expensive counterfeit;
  • To verify the originality of the product, the code from the back of the package is entered on the manufacturer's website;
  • There should be indicators such as long work and quick recharging of the battery;
  • The presence of a vibration-alert function is necessary;
  • Good moisture protection;
  • Synchronization with the largest number of mobile operating systems and platforms.

Do I need to buy an intelligent bracelet?

Many people think about whether it is worth buying a fitness bracelet with a heart rate monitor. Comparing them with other devices and reviews about them can be heard quite different: someone is completely satisfied with the work of the device, and someone regrets about the acquisition. This is explained by the individuality of each person.

In addition, scientific studies that prove the effective effect of bracelets in the case of weight loss, was not carried out, as not everyone knows.

But all these facts still do not detract from the certain usefulness of sports bracelets. They create and maintain motivation for classes, remove important indicators, helping to protect the body from excessive loads.

Most sports analysts are confident that the popularity of bracelets will only grow with time. According to forecasts, in a few years they will occupy a confident and lasting place in the life of each person, which now occupy computers and smartphones. Developments are carried out and further, therefore in due course fitness bracelets will be capable to carry out more difficult calculations.

Fitness bracelet with heart rate monitor: a review

The most common on the market of sports accessories can be called such devices:

  1. Xiaomi MiBand - an inexpensive Chinese fitness bracelet with a pulse meter. Stylish unisex, works a month without recharging, has all the possible functions. The price is within 20 $.
  2. Jawbone UP24 is a model from the industry pioneer. Multifunctional, without recharge it can work for about seven days, the average price category (about $ 100).
  3. Mio Link S / M Electric is an easy, stylish, rather wide gadget. It focuses on recording heart rhythms, can work in five modes of cardiac monitoring. It is reliable, stable, suitable for swimming at a depth of up to thirty meters.
  4. Fitbit Flex - five days without recharging, no phase of sleep, not fully finalized analytical charts. It is included in the middle price category.
  5. Garmin Vivofit is a device from the world famous manufacturer with a small display and unique technology that allows the gadget to work autonomously throughout the year, then the battery is replaced. There is an addition in the form of a chest strap that transfers data to the bracelet. Withstands a depth of up to fifty meters, there is no backlight. The price is 145 $.
  6. Huawei Talkband B1 - an expensive fashion bracelet (about $ 170). Has a large slightly protruding display, protection from dust and moisture.
  7. Samsung Gear Fit - a device from a well-known brand, it is called a smartphone with the functions of a bracelet. Clear control, comfortable fit on the arm, removable screen, outstanding technical characteristics, wide functionality. Works only with the same phones. The cost is about $ 150.
  8. Polar Loop is a device from a Finnish company. It differs in precision and style, black, the length of the strap can be cut to the size of your wrist, completely waterproof. The price is about 145 $.
  9. LG Lifeband Touch - the bracelet is beautiful, equipped with headphones, through which you can listen not only to music, but also the rhythm of your heart during training. Has absorbed all possible functions, including the navigation of GPRS.
  10. Nike + FuelBand SE - simple, stylish, works only with the iPhone, is sold in different sizes, is included in the middle price category.
  11. Sony SmartBand SWR10 - the device is an average price with a simple design, equipped with a player, the charge holds about five days.
  12. Misfit Shine is an inexpensive gadget from Misfit Wearables. Stylish, made in the form of a flat tablet on the strap, can be used without the latter. Without recharge it can work for about four months.


Fitness bracelet is not only a stylish accessory, but also a rather useful device. It will equally help both experienced athletes, and beginners, who try to diversify their sedentary life with sports activities. This is facilitated by the many functions that gadgets provided by their manufacturers. Studies show that these devices, which are also called smart bracelets or trackers, win every day new fans. Soon they will be seen in the hands of most people who compare the rhythm of their lives on the gadget.

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