Treads: A Little Story

Treads - one of the most controversial elements of the women's wardrobe. They simultaneously give the image and causing aggression, and vivid sexuality. It is no accident that well-known designers from time to time return to their collections exactly to this footwear.

It should be said that initially the boots were part of a strictly male wardrobe. Their task was exclusively functional - to protect from wear expensive fabric trousers officers of the French army during the riding. And as you know, they spent most of the time in the saddle.

These boots were considered so masculine that even with the beginning of the development of emancipation, the bravest women did not have any idea of wearing them. However, in the sixties of the last century, everything changed radically. Female representatives have become extremely jealous of claiming equality, including in terms of clothing, "selecting" wardrobe items one by one from men.

Later it turned out that the boots look great with a mini-skirt, which also appeared as a result of emancipation. The popularity of boots immediately increased incredibly - anticipating a great demand, many merchants aspired to buy such shoes in bulk. However, the combination of two aggressively sexy items of women's clothing caused a real storm of unrest in society, though not for long.

After the revolutionary wave subsided, interest in the boots was reduced. Rebirth, they experienced in the eighties, turning into an erotic fetish. At that time there were tight-fitting boots made of vinyl, latex and thin leather with high heels.

Most modern classic boots have a sharp nose and a high heel. But there are also models on a flat sole, presented, for example, in the online store and others. Today, manufacturers produce versions with zippers, lacing, rivets. As a material for their tailoring, the usual, varnished and reaped leather is used. As a decor there are pockets, fringe, crystals, appliqués, fur trim, embroidery. This kind of women's shoes is perfectly combined with leggings and, as already mentioned, mini-skirts.

This season, the boots are still popular. A lot of this contributed to the leading trends of the sixties and eighties, migrating to modern fashion. So the interest of women in these sexy boots is not weakened.

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