Sneakers "Nike" white - female and male. Reviews and photos

Sneakers "Nike" white appeared in the early 1980s. Their entry into the market can be compared to the effect of a powerful bomb explosion, because at that time there were no models that at least remotely resembled this one. It was then that the manufacturer first used the Air technology, which has not lost popularity so far.

People liked the novelty, and they began to sweep it off the shelves of stores. Since that moment more than three decades have passed, but this footwear still enjoys an unchanged success among fans of sports style and street fashion.

For whom do they fit?

These sneakers were named Air Force in honor of the US President's aircraft. Initially, they were designed for running, but as a result, shoes were created, perfectly suitable for basketball.

Due to its cushioning sneakers are the best suited for high jumps. And their massive flat sole perfectly interacts with the surface of the playground, especially if it is located in the open air.

This shoe has also become popular with skaters and simply mods who follow new trends and do not miss the opportunity to add sports notes to their image. Comfortable, reliable, wear-resistant sneakers due to its laconic design fit any form of clothing. They are perfectly combined with jeans or shorts, and with a skirt of any length, even if it is made in a strict classical style.

Clean and comfortable

Sneakers "Nike" women's white, despite their color, is quite difficult to stain. According to their owners, the sole is easily laundered from any dirt and keeps a uniform color for a long time.

The natural skin, from which the original models are made, allows the feet to breathe even into the most intense heat. Soft and pleasant to the touch, it does not press or rub, creating an unchanging sense of comfort and security.

Black and white sneakers "Nike", as well as red, blue, silver and even khaki colors - all these are new variations in the classic white model, released in the 1980s. The company regularly updates the line of the Air Force and continues to please fans of this shoe novelties. These sneakers are extremely popular among young people.

Second coming

Far from the last role in the formation of "force" on the fashionable pedestal was played by the love of many pop stars and famous basketball players. For example, rapper Jay-Ze spent a whole concert tour in them. Fifty Stah and other stars also often appear in public in such sneakers.

In the mid-1990s there was a re-release of this model. Appearance and the way of making shoes did not actually change, only more colors appeared. Since that time and to this day, Nike white sneakers bring the company's multimillion profit and a lot of pleasure to its owners, who regularly leave them laudatory reviews.

Always in Top

Despite the fact that the history of this footwear has more than a dozen years, for which its design was almost not reworked, it brings the manufacturer consistently high sales and even got a place in the ranking of the ten most popular "Nikes" in the history of the brand.

Legendary "forts" are inferior to the level of discussion in international forums, except that the basketball "jordans". The world literally swept the "Nike" epidemic.

What is just the fact that large jewelry houses produce miniature copies of this shoe made of pure gold and platinum! And people all over the planet now and then brag about their friends exclusive models, made in rare colors, constantly laying out their pictures on their pages in social networks.

Modern Retro

It is difficult to explain why the Nike white sneakers, photos of which you can see in the article, have turned into such a large-scale phenomenon of modernity. But the fact remains: their popularity at least rests on the unique design and comfort that people feel when they walk in them.

Any buyer, having glanced at the given footwear, notices a touch of style "the old school" and notes of a sports retro. Laconic lines, the absence of intricate patterns and color schemes, simple material and tailoring - all this indicates that the model is quite old.

With a more detailed study, people pay attention to a thick sole, covering the upper part with a solid piece of leather, traditional lacing and heavy weight.

In action

Sneakers "Nike" men's white is really very heavy. Their owners claim that after they are trained in them, a massive load is felt on their feet. There is an impression that someone was hanging small dumbbells at the feet. According to the owners, "force" is great for playing basketball. They are well preserved, even if they are used regularly in street workouts.

Sneakers "Nike" white have a nice touch to the inner layer, the fabric actually does not rub his feet, even in the first times socks. This effect was achieved thanks to the fact that it minimized joints and placed them in places that do not touch the foot.


Of the shortcomings, people note the fact that at the first donning of this shoe, socks are soiled. According to them, this minus is typical for old models, but it has not been eliminated in new versions either.

Owners of "force", which have a broad stop, complain about the lack of convenience of the model. They argue that because of the hardening of the front part of the sneakers an additional strip of skin, they do not bend well and create discomfort for the foot.

According to them, these feelings do not pass with time, but only intensify. People with a narrow foot do not face this problem and do not notice any difficulties of this nature.

Sneakers "Nike" white have another drawback - very soft depreciation. As a rule, if it is too weak, athletes feel a slight pain in the shin area. People wearing these sneakers complain of discomfort along the entire length of the leg and even lower back.

Fixation and amortization

Sneakers "Nike" high white are well fixed on the foot thanks to special extra straps. The ankle area is also securely held in them thanks to a significant amount of stuffing and a stylish open lacing in the style of the 1980s. In most names of such models the word "average" appears, although in fact they belong to the category of high sneakers.

The thick sole of this model is a reliable platform for jumping and landing. But you still need to be careful, because because of its sharp angles, you can damage the ankle, if you sharply tilt it to the side.

Also, the sole lowers the feeling of the court. This feature is negatively influenced by basketball defenders, who often make dagger passes under the ring of an opposing team and need full interaction with the site's coverage.

But this aspect, rather, can be attributed to the merits, than to the shortcomings, because it gives the maximum level of adhesion of the sole with a street covering. But with the occupations in the hall in this shoe may be a problem due to the nature of the contact of the sole with the floor.

Sneakers "Nike" women's white - the dream of any fashionista who does not miss the opportunity to fill up her wardrobe with popular things. Becoming mainstream more than thirty years ago, they, as before, are swept away by the youth from the shelves of stores from season to season.

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