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Easter recipe for cottage cheese from our grandmothers

Old traditions are not forgotten and passed down from generation to generation. So, on the bright holiday of the Resurrection of Christ, Easter can not be dispensed with - dishes from cottage cheese, the photo of which looks very appetizing. Some of the hostesses even preserved an ancient wooden handbag, which was inherited from the grandmother, although today modern copies of these are successfully produced and are on sale.

The recipe for easter from cottage cheese, which our ancestors used, included fatty natural products: cottage cheese and sour cream, butter of the highest grade. Real Easter, as before, should be very greasy and sugary and prepared according to a special technology. But today there are many new recipes that are more suitable for modern opportunities, and the form for Easter is not used so often. It is usually replaced by a colander, or the curd mass is simply hung in the gauze. Our dish will be prepared in the pastel.

Easter recipe from cottage cheese

It will require a kilo of home-made curd, 300 grams of butter, half or two glasses of thick fatty sour cream, 5 eggs, a packet of vanilla sugar, a glass of sand or sugar powder, half a glass of chopped almonds, kish-mish at will.

Cottage cheese and butter wipe through a sieve, put the resulting mass of sour cream and mix. One by one to put the eggs, put on the stove, without stopping stirring. As soon as it begins to boil, remove from the plate, place in the cold. When it cools down, add sugar powder or sand, vanilla sugar, almonds and kish-mish, mix thoroughly.

Pasochnitsu vystelit gauze, folded in several layers and put in a fairly narrow bowl so that it stood steadily, and there was a place where the fluids drain. Cottage cheese put in a pasochnitsu, cover it with the edges of gauze, put oppression upward. Clean approximately for a day in the refrigerator.

Easter raw

We offer one more Easter recipe from cottage cheese. Necessary ingredients: about a kilogram of cottage cheese, butter 400 grams, eggs - 4 pcs., Two cups of vanilla sugar, one and a half cups of thick cream, crushed candied fruits, raisins.

Butter butter to grind with four yolks, which need to be introduced gradually, and with granulated sugar. Through a sieve to wipe the cottage cheese, combine with butter, add a glass of cream, all this should be properly grinded. Two protein whip with the remaining cream and combine them with cottage cheese. It remains to add raisins and candied fruits. Put cottage cheese in a mold under oppression and put on a day in the cold.

Chocolate Easter

Perhaps someone will like the Easter recipe from cottage cheese with chocolate. First you need to rub a kilogram of cottage cheese and 200 grams of butter creamy through a sieve, add two glasses of fat thick cream, a glass of cream, two glasses of vanilla sugar, 200 grams of grated chocolate. Rinse thoroughly until smooth, so that there are no chocolate grains. After that, put it in the pasochnitsu.

There are many recipes for this dish. This is the king's Easter (brewed and raw), almond, creamy, with condensed milk, fruit, yoghurt, lemon, apricot, nut, sesame, cheese, fruit jelly and many others - in general, whoever likes what, To cook.

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