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A light dessert is fruit jelly. Secrets of cooking

Summer is a time when markets are full of a variety of fruits and berries. From them you can do not only compotes, cook jams and cut salads, filling them with whipped cream. There is a great opportunity to create a chic cool dessert, which is called fruit jelly.

This dish is not just beautiful, it is also very tasty. In addition, does not require a lot of time for cooking. Excellent decorate the dining and festive table. Even the girls who follow the figure, always with pleasure will treat this delicacy, because the product is low-calorie.

Berry jelly

You can make jelly from any berries that are in the fridge or just collected in the garden. To create such a dessert you need apple and raspberry juice (each about one and a half cups), of course, gelatin (about 15 grams), several kinds of berries (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries).

It is enough to take the juice (any of the offered) and pour 4 tablespoons into a small saucepan. There you should also cover all gelatin. After thoroughly mixing, leave the resulting mixture for 5 minutes. After that, the saucepan is put on a slow fire, in order for gelatin to completely dissolve in the juice. When heating, the contents of the container must always be stirred continuously. As soon as the gelatin is dissolved, it is possible to top up all the available juice and for another 2-3 minutes to heat the mixture on fire. Only after this time you can filter through the sieve the resulting warm liquid.

All berries should be washed and prepared by this time. They are laid out in containers. The main thing is that they should be warm. Otherwise, getting into the unheated vases, the jelly becomes lumps. Gulf of berries obtained by warm liquid, the containers are sent to the refrigerator, where the jelly is formed within an hour or two. And now, the dessert is ready!

Winter fruit jelly

Even if the yard is winter or late autumn and with fresh fruit on the market problems, you can make jelly from fruit frozen, which is sold in every store. This will require frozen pineapples, peaches or cherries. It is desirable that there are several varieties of fruit. Again, gelatin is useful. It should be a minimum of 2 sachets. You need sugar and compote (any: from quince, cherry or apricot).

First, you need to stretch all the fruits with a blender. It will be a puree, which must be filtered through a clean gauze. In the received weight a little pour in cold, but already boiled water, so that the jelly turned out beautiful, tasty and transparent. Fruit mixture should be put on a slow fire. The most important is that you do not need to give this puree boil, so that the beautiful and rich color of the future jelly is not lost. It should be noted that puree from each specific type of fruit is prepared separately, independently of each other. Then added sugar to taste (as much as you like).

Gelatin must be soaked in order to make it swollen and only then add to the fruity dessert. In each saucepan, put several tablespoons of swollen gelatin. The first fruit puree is poured into containers (it can be kremanki, pialki, glasses) and is cleaned into the refrigerator. After the jelly lightly cools down, a second layer is added from above and again put into the refrigerator. Finally, the last layers can be from compote.

Fruit jelly is an excellent dessert, which in winter frosts will save you from vitamin deficiency and add vitality! Among other things - this is a real masterpiece, a work of culinary art, which can serve as a real decoration of the table.

How to make fruit jelly simply

Of exotic fruits, you also get a stunning jelly. This will take only an hour. Prepare to have pineapple, banana, grapes, peach, sugar and gelatin. All fruits are cut into small pieces. First of all, pineapple and peach are useful. Because it is from them will be cooked sweet compote. These fruits are poured with 2 glasses of cold boiled water, add sugar and cook until boiling.

Meanwhile, gelatin should already be filled with water. Of compote, all fruits are taken, they are laid out into kremanki, and a banana with grapes is added there. And the swollen gelatin interferes with the liquid; On the fire, the whole mixture is mixed until it is uniform, after which it should be poured over the kremanks and sent to the refrigerator. Voilà - gorgeous fruit jelly is ready!

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