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Detailed description of the Airedale Terrier breed

To date, the popularity of the Airedale terrier has greatly decreased. The places of these charming creatures were occupied by shar pei, rottweilers, and also miniature toy-terriers and yorkies. However, they are completely forgotten undeservedly. Magnificent, clever dogs can be used in a variety of areas. He is a well-deserved hunter, a gentle and affectionate companion, a cleverly searching and searching dog. If you ever lived an airedale, you know for sure that this is the most faithful and beautiful creature in the world. Today we want to present to your attention the description of the Airedale Terrier breed so that you can study it carefully and decide in your family if you are ready to take on such a pet.

Dog from the cartoon

Indeed, many have seen this funny creature on the street, first and foremost remember the film about Electronics. It was he who brought the breed tremendous popularity. However, if we consider this as advertising, then it was quite deserved. Description of the breed Airedale terrier shows us an ideal in all respects a dog, it is not for nothing that these four-footed are called "kings of terriers".

History of the breed

It will be appropriate to tell when society first met these wonderful creatures. Description of the breed airedale terrier will be incomplete without this. In fact, the history of their existence is relatively short. Ancestral ancestors lived in the county of Yorkshire. Why did it get that name? The thing is that the first breeder lived in the vicinity of the Eyre River. It was he who crossed black and taned terriers and otterhounds, which gave rise to a new branch.

Description of the breed Airedale terrier shows us large, hardy terriers that have a water-repellent coat that allows them to feel very comfortable even in cold water.

Hunting trophies

England is famous for its hunting grounds. It is not surprising that hunting dogs were in demand here as nowhere else. This was promoted by a mild climate, it allowed to keep a pack in an open paddock in the street and daily to make a tour of the territory with them. To hunt what beast was the Airedale Terrier used for? Description of the breed notes that initially they were otters and ducks, that is, the waterproof coat of the dog was used as much as possible.

Time passed, the hunters got used to their wards, and began to use them in the hunt for a larger beast. In addition, the owners quickly noticed the unique dexterity and excellent ability to swim and dive in these dogs. This gave rise to competitions in the persecution of water rats. In this they had no equal. As a result, outside of England they heard about such a dog as the Airedale Terrier. Description of the breed contains information that at the end of the XIX century it was officially recognized. Since then, its quality has improved, but overall it has not changed much.

Modern dogs are very similar to their ancestors, they have an impeccable exterior and regularly get first places at exhibitions.

Use in military affairs

And we continue to disassemble the description of the Airedale Terrier breed. The photo shows us a cheerful and carefree dog, but it was also used for quite serious cases. During the First World War, they bravely served as messengers and delivered mail to their destination. In the last century it was the most popular breed in America. In the White House, the Ayrdel had its own chair for meetings at the highest level.

Today they are still considered courageous and versatile dogs that have preserved the traits inherent in their ancestors. Initially, they were taken out in order to bite prey, which is why they have the biggest teeth of all the representatives of the terriers. Although by nature they are not at all aggressive, in fact, like all hunters. But they are utterly indefatigable. Such animals climb into all places and very quickly grasp everything they were taught. That's why they are just as bored with everything. Erdels can be taught to do any work.

Energetic fidgets

Description of the dog breed Airedale terrier shows us a fairly large dog, this should make people think of people living in small, compact apartments. This is a very active and energetic dog. Again, this should be a reason for reflection, whether you can provide it with sufficient level of physical activity. The whole day to sleep, and then go out for a few minutes in the yard - it's not exactly what this lump of energy is counting on. Every day he will need to spend several hours on the street, and sit on the bench will not work, the ideal option will be bike rides.

general description

This is primarily a terrier, which means a tireless hunter and a bully, and also a loving and cheerful, selfless and curious dog, with beautiful guard and hunting predispositions. That is, a unique dog for everyone and for everyone. Their ability to learn is amazing, but you have to consider that it's a thinking dog. If she understands that there is no need to obey you (you can touchingly look in your eyes and you will all allow), then there will not be any result about the speech.

What else is the Airedale Terrier? Description of the breed, reviews of owners and breeders say that they are not designed for small apartments. These are the largest of the terriers, and they were deduced specially to run after the prey. In this they have no equal. Tireless, universal hunters, they work perfectly in any terrain.

External Data

Head at the airedale terrier is wedge-shaped, they have a flat skull and a long muzzle. Ears are small, triangular, they are very high set and bent at the cartilage. Their eyes are dark, shiny, not large and not convex. In general, the image of the dog is very pretty. The tail is thick, almost vertical. If desired, you can stop it.

In fact, they have a very interesting exterior, which is emphasized by the description of the Airedale Terrier breed. They look very funny, it's hard to see a serious official dog behind it. Color in dogs is black. A black or gray cape comes down from the base of the head to the back, sides and tail. The remaining areas are golden or light red, but their ears are much darker. The coat is very stiff, looks like a wire, and the undercoat is soft. On the muzzle a characteristic "beard" is formed.

Care of hair

If you live a representative of this breed, you probably already noticed that it does not shed. Wool does not require regular grooming, but gradually the dog grows so much, then your pet turns into a funny scarecrow. Therefore, for each future owner it is important to study the description of the Airedale Terrier breed. The content of these dogs requires a regular visit to a trimming specialist once every 2-3 years. There he will be plucked old wool, and he will again become an elegant dog, a real gentleman.


Our narrative will not be complete unless we tell you what the airedale terrier is. Description of the breed character presents as very cheerful, fervent and sincere. This is an amazingly agile dog, a real choleric, who constantly deals with everything that happens around.

When you are at home, your faithful companion will follow you everywhere, without stopping for a minute. Whatever you reach for, you will inevitably come across a cold and curious nose. Once again, we emphasize that this breed needs to be loved and accepted as it is. Characteristics and description of the breed Airedale terrier shows us that these creations are perfect for people who lead an active lifestyle. They are cheerful and bold, as well as endlessly devoted animals.

Excellent watchmen and guards, they will care for you and your possessions. Perfect nannies for children, they will provide your kids with attention and care, as well as entertainment for the whole day. But relationships with other dogs are often complex. Erdeli easily get involved in a fight, because they have a very snooty character.


This is the moment to which you need to pay as much attention as possible. The character of this dog is typical for the representatives of his group. Funny and eccentric, they can turn into a real torment for their master, if they do not know certain rules and norms of behavior. Educating Airedale is necessary from the very first day, as it appeared in your home. Remember the words of the well-known song: "In the corner the wallpaper was torn, at the chair I gnawed, and everyone around me is told to bring him back." This can be your reality, if you do not make efforts to socialize and educate.

Training and training

Educating Airedale is necessary, but very persistently. What can not be, should remain under the ban forever. And always use the services of a professional cynologist. The owners who face training for the first time, it is very difficult to distinguish their love for this lovely creature and clear requirements that must be strictly observed. As a result of a string of stringent requirements and their complete violation, with the removal of all prohibitions, the dog ceases to obey you.

There is one more point. Lessons of training, so familiar to the sheepdog and rottweiler, are unacceptable for Airedale. With him you need to engage in playful form, gently and aggressively. You can not force them to study them. If this dog is properly brought up, it will become an excellent companion, obedient and smart, very cheerful and cheerful.


Airedale puppies are charming creatures, and the natural desire of the owner is to pamper him with something delicious. However, we must not forget that nutrition should be useful and balanced. There are two options: to stop on natural food or ready-made feed. Each of them has its pros and cons.

If you choose a natural diet, then you need to feed the dog by the clock and watch that it does not overeat. New products are introduced into the diet gradually. A prerequisite is that the food is tasty and fresh.

However, most dogs are fed with dry food of premium class. It's convenient: you do not have to worry about the freshness and quality of food, and also run around the shops in search of fresh meat, cottage cheese, vegetables and cereals. In addition, dry food is eaten with great eagerness.


In general, they are quite healthy dogs, but this does not mean that you can refuse preventive vaccinations. However, there is a list of diseases to which the Erdeli are located. This is primarily an eye disease, so you need to carefully monitor the organs of vision and at the slightest sign of ailment to consult a doctor. This may be a twist of the eyelid and pannus, progressive retinal atrophy and corneal dystrophy of the eye.

In addition, veterinarians are aware that erdellas can have wet eczema, hip dysplasia and melanoma. Demodecos is another ailment peculiar to the representatives of this breed. However, proper feeding, sufficient level of physical activity and regular visits to a veterinarian are the best protection against all diseases.

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