Which mounting foam is best? Overview, characteristics, reviews

A modern construction market offers a large amount of mounting foam. There are options for installing windows, doors and for other works. There are professional and conventional formulations. Each master wants to know which assembly foam is best. Let's try to find out.

What is a mounting foam?

Professionals know, and for beginners in the construction business it will be very useful to find out what the material is. Speaking generally, these are fluoropolymer sealants, which contain isocyanate and polyol.

For foaming, as well as for creating excess pressure, a propellant is used.

Operational characteristics

The fact that this material is used in almost all areas of construction and repair work is due to its performance characteristics. The main properties and advantages of the mixture are its good sound insulation characteristics. Also, the foam is well resistant to moisture and has a low electrical conductivity. In addition, the material is resistant to fire and has excellent capacity for expansion. It easily fills any cavities and cracks.

Types of foam

Before you tell what type of mounting foam is best to use, you need to know the varieties of these mixtures. There are several types of foam. And the first one is professional. It can only be used with a special gun, which allows the polyurethane sealant to leave the container. Professional products have a more even and dense composition, and secondary expansion is almost completely absent.

It is also possible to distinguish household foam, or, as it is also called, semi-professional. It can only be used once. In addition, the domestic version is also characterized by a low density of filling capacity. Manufacturers use the fact that household cans with foam are often used by non-professional builders. Therefore, these products are subject to much lower requirements. Often the composition can be frankly substandard. In the balloon there is more gas than necessary, or vice versa - it comes out completely, but there is still a lot of polymer.

Foam differs according to the temperature conditions under which it is possible to work with this sealant. Isolate the summer composition, calculated for temperatures from +5 to +35 degrees. Winter foam is suitable for use under extreme conditions, as it easily withstands temperatures from -20 to +30. There is also an all-weather foam. It has characteristics of a summer and winter formula. The universal mixture has a temperature regime from -10 to +30 degrees. There is another kind of sealant - it's special fire-fighting compounds. This product has special characteristics. The composition uses non-combustible components that retain their performance parameters even at high temperatures and open fire. Typically, such mixtures are used in construction, where the highest requirements for fire safety.

The best world brands

Among the manufacturers of assembly foam, there are five best-known products whose products are well-sold and deserving of positive reviews. These are mainly Belgian and German companies. Let's find out which assembly foam is best.

Soudal (Belgium)

The main office of this company is located in Belgium, and production is established around the world - in the US, Europe, India and many other countries. The company is the leader in the production of polyurethane sealants, aerosol foams, various seals. The brand has been on this market for more than 50 years. During this time, the company's products deserved great popularity. What kind of assembly foam is the best among the entire Soudal line - it's very difficult to say, because the whole range is distinguished by excellent quality and reasonable prices. The company produces both professional and household products. Everyone can find their sealant for a specific task. Specialists of Soudal constantly develop new formulas and monitor the quality. It is in these laboratories that the future of building technologies is born. Technical experts create foam, characterized by a low level of expansion and increased performance characteristics.

One of the latest innovations is a special substance that simplifies and expands the options for working with these mixtures. If newcomers in construction do not know which assembly foam is best for windows, then it is better to choose high-quality materials, for example, this manufacturer, which is on the first place in the rating.

Penosil (Estonia)

It is a young brand, which was founded in 1998. For today the company has achieved that the products are in good demand in more than 50 countries around the world. Under this brand, more than 10% of all foam in Europe is sold. The company constantly follows the development of the market and gives the buyers what is really needed.

A series of Gold compositions is a professional ruler. This foam is suitable not only for work in the construction sector, but also in various industries. Products are characterized by low expansion, high density and do not cause any damage. If you look for which mounting foam is best for doors, then you can choose this series. Although the range of works that can be carried out with this foam is very wide.

A ruler Premium is a household and professional compositions. This product is universal, high quality and offered at affordable prices. In the series is sold as an ordinary, and winter and all-weather foam. Standart - this is not what it seems at first glance. If you choose for a long time what type of foam is best, then the manufacturer offers not only quality, but also the most favorable prices. In the line are products for simple jobs, where there will not be high loads.

Dr. Schenk (Germany)

This manufacturer has existed for more than 80 years. Capacities are found all over the world, including in Russia - this factory produces a quality foam for Europe. Regardless of where the enterprise is located, production is conducted under strict quality control.

As for the assortment, it is not only a mounting foam, but also various seals, glues and other products for repair. If we talk only about the mounting foam, then the buyer receives the premium product at reasonable prices.

The brand offers quality compounds for outdoor and indoor works, for professional and domestic use. The assembly foam for PVC windows is produced. Which is better - depends on many factors, but all products receive high marks from professionals.

Domestic producers

Along with foreign brands on the market, there are products of domestic companies that are not worse in quality and are more affordable for most prices. Professionals know which assembly foam is better. The reviews best position the products Profflex.


This manufacturer is located in the Tula region. Unlike Belgian and German brands, it specializes only in the production of foam. Reviews say that the quality of the product meets all the requirements and practically does not differ from European compositions. Profflex produces not only quality building materials, but also ensures that the cylinders have the right weight. In the product line - goods for professionals and household. Also there is a large selection of winter products. If you choose which mounting foam is best for outdoor work, then professionals advise choosing the manufacturer Profflex.

The best of the best

Most experts in repair and construction agree in the common opinion that the foam is better than Makroflex, there can not be. Than it is caused? A huge amount of positive feedback is available on the winter foam for outdoor work - this composition really works always and everywhere. Despite the fact that this is a popular brand, the cost of production is relatively small and is within the price at which any other good foam is offered. This polymer does not crumble, freezes at minus temperatures and is suitable for any coating. Many people ask about which is the best mounting foam suitable for construction. Most professionals choose products from the company Makroflex.

Pistol for mounting foam - which is better? Price & Manufacturers

In stores you can see a lot of different devices for working with mounting foam. All of them have different price and quality, made by different manufacturers. If you need a gun for mounting foam, then professionals recommend choosing metal solutions with a collapsible design. They cost about 500 rubles. Many choose Kraftool pistols for Teflon coating and stainless steel. This is a reliable and simple equipment. Also in this device, it is possible to control the flow of foam. Soudal offers pistols in which the technology of Click and Fix is implemented. It allows you to almost instantly prepare the cylinder for work.

So, we have examined what kinds of mounting foam there are and their properties. Now the choice is yours.

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