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What are they, the contraceptives of the new generation?

The days when contraceptives were considered something inaccessible, indecent and very harmful to health have long ago disappeared. The old methods of protection are replaced by the new generation of contraceptives - convenient for use, safe for the organism of both partners and quite common. Which of them to choose for their own protection?

Oral contraceptives

The most reliable means against the onset of unwanted pregnancy remain oral contraceptives. As a contraceptive, tablets act on the principle of inhibition of the ovulation process of the egg. As a result of the changes, even a fertilized egg can not attach to the wall of the uterus and in 98% of cases of conception does not occur. In addition, due to the small dose of hormones in oral contraceptives, there are no irreversible effects in their use. Moreover, many doctors prescribe them to women who have problems with the hormonal background, for its normalization. Among the shortcomings of this method of prevention, we can distinguish the irregularities of the menstrual cycle at the beginning, as well as a possible set of body weight and a decrease in libido when taking tablets. Therefore, they need to be applied under the supervision of a gynecologist, who can mark negative factors in time and adjust the drug intake.

If emergency measures are needed

Part of the previous category includes contraceptives of a new generation, such as emergency postcoital contraceptives. From conventional tablets they are distinguished by the presence of a shock dose of hormones, which prevents conception after the last unprotected sexual intercourse. Their merits are that even a day after the alleged conception, their effectiveness is at least 70%. And the main drawback is that such emergency measures can not be used on a regular basis. That's why they are urgent.

Barrier contraceptives

Barrier means of contraception in the modern world do not seem to be exclusively condoms or spirals. At the moment there is a wide range, which includes such new-generation contraceptives as gels, vaginal balls, creams, suppositories, caps. Their effectiveness is based on the establishment of a protective barrier between the walls of the vagina and male sperm. They are introduced into the female body immediately before the act and have a one-time effect. That is, the next contact, their application must be repeated - this, perhaps, is their main drawback. Another - the possibility of an allergic reaction to the components of such contraceptives, and in case of its occurrence, they should not be used.

Contraceptive patches

Modern pharmaceuticals do not stand still, and therefore a novelty in the market in the last couple of years have become contraceptives of a new generation - birth control pads. Their action is based on the gradual introduction into the body of a woman's hormone, which prevents conception. This hormone is contained in the impregnation of the patch, and due to the fact that it is injected through the skin and not directly into the blood, it acts gently and imperceptibly. This patch is enough for 3 weeks of use, after which it is necessary to make a week break.

In general, the choice of contraceptives for every taste is now very large. But do not mindlessly buy something horrible - remember that the best contraceptive is a sound reflection and evaluation of all risks before intercourse, and not after it.

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