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Anna Nevskaya: biography, personal life, filmography and photos

Anna Nevskaya is a popular theater and cinema actress. A charming blonde with a kind smile and sparkling happiness with her eyes very often appears on the blue screens. Spectators admire her and her play, but few know that Anna could never become an actress, and instead engage in the translation of texts.

Childhood actresses

Nevskaya Anna Viktorovna was born in Veliky Novgorod, one of the most ancient and beautiful cities in Russia. It is no wonder, that since the childhood she was able to appreciate beauty, loved art. But as a child, Nevskaya did not dream of becoming an actress.

Anna studied at the gymnasium, in which special attention was paid to foreign languages. To study the culture and languages of European states the girl really liked. She was fluent in English and French. Planning her future life, Anna Nevskaya imagined herself to be an interpreter. But fate has made its own adjustments. When the future actress was 15 years old, she changed her voice, became more melodic and beautiful. Then she discovered the singing talent. Anna began to devote time to music. And received in response to this recognition of teachers. The young singer was sent to various contests. Among her awards there were even those she deserved in St. Petersburg.

When the school years came to an end, and it was necessary to choose their future path, Anna Nevskaya faced a serious choice. If before she was sure that she wanted to become an interpreter, then after graduating from the graduation class, she had a desire to devote her life to singing. Mom advised Anna to get a profession that would guarantee greater stability. And the Nevskaya obeyed.

Years of study in RATI

Anna went to study for an interpreter. She successfully mastered the program, went on an internship in France. But she always felt that she was not doing what she should. When Nevskaya finished the first year, she decided to change her life and move towards a dream. The young beauty left her institute and submitted documents to the RATI.

Thanks to her talent, Anna could easily enter Moscow. The first years of life in a strange city were difficult for her. The situation was complicated by the fact that there were terrible 90s in the yard, when stability was not in anything.

Anna was lucky to enter the faculty, whose students were preparing to perform in musicals. This new genre for Russia was distinguished by special energy. It was necessary to learn to pass it to the viewer with the help of songs, dance, facial expressions and gestures. Education in RATI opened before Anna the way to the stage.


Anna Nevskaya did not remain without work. Her first experience was the musical "Dracula". Full of tragedy, the work was talentedly staged on stage and aroused an increased interest of the public.

A little later Anna gets the role of Fleur de Lis - one of the most famous and significant heroines of the musical "Notre Dame De Paris". Anna enjoyed the first rays of glory.

But the most memorable was the musical "The Witches of Eastwick," in which Nevskaya performed the role of Sueka the Witch. The story of the three witches, bored without male attention in a small village, invariably caused laughter. Later, Anna admitted that it was then that she realized how much she wanted to work in a comedy genre. Nevskaya liked to make people laugh, to give them positive emotions.

The beginning of film career

Anna tried to work in front of the camera in those years when she was a student. And her first role was in the film "The Barber of Siberia". But this work can not be called a star for the Nevskaya, because in the frame it appeared only for a few minutes.

After that Anna played in the episodes of many films. But there was no role that would allow her to demonstrate the talent of the comedian actress.

Anna starred in the films "I will give you life," "Fate." Despite the fact that the actress played only in small episodes, she was noticed by the producers of the television channel "Amedia". And it was they who offered the actress the role that made her popular.

Ascent to Olympus

Anna was offered to play in the comedy series "Who is the master of the house?". The actress agreed. She was to fulfill the role of business lady Darya Pirogova, raising her son and trying to improve her personal life. Together with Anna in this series, Andrei Noskov was involved. He was to play a former football player and a single father, who is arranged as a housekeeper for Pirogova.

The series made Anna and Andrey popular actors. Anna showed the ability to play touching and funny roles. Therefore, even before the shooting of the series were completed, Nevskaya received the main role in the tape "The color of the sky." In this film, deriding the race for fashion, Anna again had to perform a comedic role. But her heroine in "The color of the sky" did not cause the audience so many positive emotions and love, like Pirogov. However, it did not take Anna Nevskaya to heart. The filmography of the actress was soon replenished with new works.

Personal life

Career - not the main thing in life, says Anna Nevskaya. Children and husband for her - this is what you can devote all of yourself. So far, Anna has not known the joys of motherhood. But not so long ago she married a businessman Dmitry Klepitsky.

It was not love at first sight. At first, Anna did not like Dmitry. She believed that he was too high opinion of himself. And all because of Klepitsky's habit of using English expressions in speech. He - a man who lived for a long time in America, it seemed normal. He did not even guess what kind of opinion the actress had about him.

But over time, sharp corners were smoothed out. Anna Nevskaya was very interested in the press. Photos from Krupitsky appeared on the pages of newspapers and magazines. But neither Anna nor Dmitry wanted to rush things. The actress told me that they, as adults, needed to think things out.

Dmitry made Anna offer hands and hearts in France. And the Neva answered him with consent. Anna and Dmitry decided to abandon the traditional ceremony in the registry office and a large number of guests.

On the exit ceremony only close friends and relatives of the couple were invited. They tried to protect themselves from the press, but the wedding of one of the most beautiful actresses of Russian cinema could not but arouse interest.

Now Anna continues to act in film, acts on a stage of theater. She will certainly please her fans with more work.

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