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Actor Landon Libuaron: biography, films, personal life

Landon Libuaron - a young actor from Canada, who became famous after the television series "Terra Nova", where he played one of the main roles. The actor also played the role of Sam in the television series "Life is unpredictable."

early years

Landon was born on January 5, 1992 in the rural community of Jenner in the province of Alberta in Canada. He has two older brothers, Blake and Lance.

Libuaron graduated from a small rural school. When he was in school, except for him, only 20 people were engaged in it.

To study acting skills the guy began in the Children's Theater of Missoula. In the main part of this theater there were only two people. They came on weekends to small Canadian cities and involved local children in their performances.

Landon's father works on the farm, and her mother used to be an actress. Noticing the actor's talent in her son, she tried to develop and support him in every possible way. She had to drive her son to listen to the capital of Canada, every time overcoming it for 14 hours.

Movies and TV shows

Libuaron is an attractive young man with good physical and acting background. The growth of Landon Libuaron is 179 cm. Landon is a popular actor. The first role in the film he performed in 2001. Indeed, his acting career, Landon took up in 2006. Then the movie "Broken House" appeared on the screens. In 2007, several films by Landon Libuaron appeared on the screens. These are the tapes "Do not cry", "Winner" and "Dark room".

The older brothers of Libuaron flashed on the television screen only once. They got episodic roles in the film "Crossroads: The History of Forgiveness."

In 2009-2010 Landon took part in the filming of the continuation of the series of serials about children and adolescents from De Grassi Street in Toronto "Degrassi: The Next Generation". In it the guy played the role of Declan Coyne. The series itself lasted as many as fourteen seasons. Based on his motives, several feature films were shot. Landon played in the dramatic picture "Degrassi conquers Manhattan" and in the documentary "Degrassi in India" about the journey of the actors of the series into poor Indian slums.

Science-fiction series "Terra Nova"

In 2011, the television series "Fox Terra Nova" was shown on Fox for the first time. At the heart of the story is the journey of a group of people from Earth, a sample of 2149 to Earth, as it was in the era of dinosaurs. In 2149, the ecology of the planet has greatly worsened. Going out without a special respirator is dangerous to health. The richest people live in a special dome that protects their health. People are legally prohibited from having more than two children.

Scientists discover a portal leading to the past. It acts only in one direction. You can not go back from the past. To study the possibilities of such discovery, a group of scientists is sent through the portal. The Shannon family, the main characters of the series, are also sent through the portal to the era of dinosaurs.

The Shannon family is the husband and wife of Jim and Elizabeth Shannon, as well as their children, Maddy, Zoe and Joshua.

The role of Joshua Shannon in the television series was performed by Landon Libuaron.

Other roles in Terra Nova were performed by Jason O'Mara, Shelly Conn, Stephen Lang, Naomi Scott, Kristin Adams, Alana Mansour and other actors.

The series was produced by Steven Spielberg, and directed by Alex Graves. The shooting took place in Australia. The budget of each episode, which was released thirteen, was $ 4 million. Despite the success of the show with the audience, after the first season it was decided to close it.

The series "Hamlock Grove"

A fantastic multi-series thriller "Hemlock Grove" was broadcast on Netflix since April 2013. The series is based on the novel by Brian McGreevy, who, along with Lee Shilman, also became the creator of the series. Hemlock Grove is a small fictional city in Pennsylvania. Virtually everyone here runs a rich family Godfrey. On the outskirts of the city, a family of Roma settles, while simultaneously killing a child in the city. A guy from the gypsy family Peter Roumanchek gets acquainted with the heir of the state of Godfrey. They together undertake to investigate a crime.

Libuaron played the role of Peter Roumanchek in the television series. The remaining roles were distributed among the actors: Famke Janssen, Penelope Mitchell, Bill Skarsgård, Frei Tingli, Tio Horn, Dougray Scott and others.

The television series lasted three seasons. It was filmed 33 episodes of the show. The audience took "Hemlock Grove" positively. Critics were divided in opinions.

Personal life

Landon Libuaron is now constantly busy in filming new movies and TV shows. Climbing the career ladder higher and higher, he hardly finds time for permanent relationships. Perhaps, at the moment, Landon has a romantic relationship with someone, but the guy does not advertise them.


  • In 2006 - "Broken house".
  • In 2007 - "Winner", "Do not cry" and "Dark room".
  • In 2008, the "Threat" and "Pashendal: The Last Battle".
  • In 2008-2013 - the television series "Hot Spot".
  • In 2009 - "Wild roses".
  • In 2009-2010 - the series "Degrassi: The Next Generation".
  • In 2010-2011 - "Life is unpredictable."
  • In 2010 - "Degrassi conquers Manhattan", "Nation of Dreamers" and "Height".
  • In 2010-2013, the series "R. L. Stein: The Time of Ghosts. "
  • In 2010-2011 - the television series "Chopped".
  • In 2010, Degrassi in India.
  • In 2011 - the television series Terra Nova.
  • In 2011, "Howl: Rebirth."
  • In 2012 - "Difficult Age", "Love written in blood."
  • In 2013, the television series "Hemlock Grove".

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