Aminophylline from cellulite? Customer Testimonials

Until recently, lush buttocks were considered erotic and attracted male eyes, but this fashion has sunk into oblivion. Today everyone wants to be slim and fit. How to deal with extra pounds and an unpleasant "orange peel" without resorting to hard diets and exhausting physical training? Doctors suggest using aminophylline against cellulite. Reviews from the female this drug gets enthusiastic. By the way, it should be noted that they are still being treated with asthma.

The first to begin a thorough study of the properties of this substance was Professor George Bay of the United States. For 10 years, tests were conducted on women who wanted to lose weight and tighten their muscles. They actively used the cream with aminophylline, and the results were amazing. Under the influence of the drug, the fat deposits decreased , the hips became narrower, and the skin - smooth. The data were recorded using ultrasound.

2% gel massage strokes rubbed into the problem areas once a day. At the end of the hour, measurements were taken. The course lasted 3 months, while volunteers did not take additional fat burners. Although creams and gels based on this tool are not very advertised and popular, their effectiveness has long been proven and justified, unlike other, more expensive drugs.

Under the influence of this substance, rapid burning of fat cells and a direct reduction of cellulite crust are observed. Expressed in the medical language - is the establishment of a lipid process in the body. Thus, aminophylline is relieved of cellulite. Reviews about it are usually positive.

Medications with an aminophylline for ingestion contribute to the withdrawal of excess fluid and, accordingly, relieve cellulite. Such experiments should not be carried on, as until now the influence of the substance on the organism as a whole has not been proven, it is better to use more reasonable ways of solving this problem - rational nutrition and moderate exercise. And already in a complex - to apply a cream "Aminofillin" from a cellulitis. Reviews from most girls who regularly use the drug, talk about its quick impact and warming effect.

Products containing aminophylline

Cosmetic preparations based on this substance are produced by many companies, for example Lancome, Neways, Lierac and others. The most popular and well-known means is "Evalar Turboslim". This expensive drug in its composition contains aminophylline from cellulite. Feedback indicates the high quality of this product. The skin under the influence of the cream is quickly smoothed out, becomes soft and velvety, the "orange peel" gradually disappears.

No less effective is the gel Amilean cost from 1500 rubles. It is quickly absorbed, does not cause discomfort, smooths stretch marks, helps burn fat and eliminate dimples on the buttocks. In pharmacies is sold aminofillinovy gel, it improves blood circulation, restores lipid metabolism and reduces skin roughness in problem areas.

Do not forget that it has contraindications aminophylline. Reviews negative, although not found, but still know the measure and carefully study the instructions. You can not use it for arrhythmia, myocardial infarction, stroke, hypotension, severe degree of hypertension, tachycardia, ulcer and epilepsy.

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