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Consulate General of Finland in St. Petersburg

The Consulate General of Finland in St. Petersburg, whose address is 4, Transfiguration Square , conducts a huge work on issuing visa permits. Every year, through the hands of his employees, there are at least a million different documents. Almost all applications for departure to Finland are resolved in a positive way, the percentage of refusals is extremely small, usually not exceeding one. This indicator is the smallest of all Schengen states.

Visa to Finland (St. Petersburg) through the consulate

The process of issuing a visa at the Finnish consulate is one of the most simplified forms. In Finland, it is clearly interested that the flow of tourists from Russia is constantly increasing, from which the economy of the country only wins. Tourists bring significant profits to Finnish hotels, shops, cottages, as well as entertainment and recreation.

To apply for a tourist visa to the Finnish Consulate in St. Petersburg, you must provide a completed questionnaire with a photo, in addition to your passport and medical policy. And also should be confirmed: the purpose of the visit, the place of stop in Finland and the availability of the necessary funds from the tourist. In the foreign passport of the departing there must be at least two blank pages. The term of its validity must exceed the date of return from the tour for at least three months. If there is a previous passport with the permission obtained earlier, it should also be presented to consular employees.

Features of filling out the documentation for a visa

The Consulate of Finland in St. Petersburg exposes the requirement to fill out the questionnaire only in Latin script, it is allowed to use Russian language using transliteration. It is permissible both manual and computer filling out the form of the questionnaire, but the signature must be put by the tourist himself. The questionnaire for a minor may be filled by third parties, except for parents, and it must be signed by a guardian or one of the parents.

Confirm the place of residence in Finland, a tourist can by submitting a hotel reservation. If a private trader is to be stopped, a document must be presented from the owner of the dwelling, a lease or letter with the intention of providing the tourist with housing. The tourist purpose of the visit can be confirmed by the tourist policy or the program of the planned trip. In the latter case, you must show a ticket reservation. The minimum amount of travel insurance for a tourist visa for Finland corresponds to thirty thousand euros, which meets the Schengen requirements.

The insurance policy should begin immediately after sending a package of documents for visa processing to the Finnish consulate in St. Petersburg, and it must extend to the entire Schengen territory. The insurance company must have accreditation in the embassy of Finland. You can not fill out a policy by hand.

Financial solvency can be confirmed by a certificate, which indicates the size of the bank account of a tourist or salary at work. If a sponsorship letter is presented, the sponsor 's presence and validity should be documented.

Procedure for registration

To obtain an exit permit yourself, you need to contact the Finnish consulate in St. Petersburg or the visa center located there. In the case of residing in other regions, it is also possible to apply to the employees of consular departments in such cities as Moscow, Murmansk, Petrozavodsk, Yekaterinburg and so on.

Some firms offer brokering services for obtaining visas. The submission of a package of documents is necessarily accompanied by the formulation of consent to the processing of personal information, as regulated by Russian law. The procedure of registration includes the selection of the required type of visa and the preparation of the relevant package of documents.

It should be remembered that the entry to the Finnish Consulate in St. Petersburg, as well as to any other selected department or visa center, is made in advance.
Then, at the appointed time, you should come to hand over the documents. After the appropriate waiting period, you can pick up your visa and passport. In some cases, the applicant may be summoned for an interview to clarify certain issues concerning departure to Finland.

About the timeline

It is desirable to make an appointment with the consulate employees one month before the planned visit.

The deadline for processing travel documents is fourteen days. In fact, a passport with a visa is issued even before this period. In exceptional cases, the verification time can be extended. The exact date can be specified on the corresponding site.

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