HandMade: bracelets with your own hands of beads and ribbons

We girls always want to look the best. Going to work or for a walk, many spend most of their time choosing clothes. The clothes put out of the closet, lying on the bed in a mountain, are common. Often this is an indicator that the girl is going to an important event. In such chaos, we often forget about one important detail - accessories. Beads, necklaces, bracelets, rings are an important part of the women's wardrobe. Unfortunately, not everyone remembers this, and some deliberately neglect jewelry. But any girl should have at least several such accessories. What if there is no way to buy all this in expensive stores?

Lately, as never before, things made with their own hands (the so-called handmade) began to be valued. Modern fashion shows that jewelry by their own use among fashionistas is more popular than factory ones. And make such accessories is not difficult. The most simple ones are the bracelets with their own hands made of beads and ribbons. It may seem that for a girl who has never faced this, it is impossible to do this. But this is not so.

Types of beads

First of all, we need to understand the types of materials for weaving. There are a lot of different beads, so you need to know a little bit about them. The simplest is a bead made of beads. In addition, there are more expensive beads made of semiprecious or precious stones. Many have heard of the Swarovski stones more than once , they are also used in the weaving of jewelry by their own hands. But such decorations already refer to expensive manual work, so it is worth starting to learn from the simplest material.

How to make bracelets with your own hands from beads and ribbons?

There are many different bracelets. In this, as in any other matter, it is just necessary to understand. Let's start with one of the easiest bracelets available. It is worth noting that this bracelet is very popular among women of fashion, because it looks very nice. For the weaving will need a satin ribbon, beads, fishing line or silicone thread, needle. Silicone thread can be found in any store where goods for handicrafts are sold. So, the line or thread should be threaded into the needle, and the ends should be tied. Leaving 20-25 cm from the edge, tie the tape with a small knot and start weaving from it. The needle should be inserted in the middle of the tape. Make a small fold of the tape to the size of the bead and stretch the line. Next, we put the bead on the fishing line and again pierce the tape, after making a crease. The process of weaving is clearly visible in the photo. So we continue to weave to the desired length of the bracelet. In the end, you need to make a knot from the ribbon directly next to the last bead.

Necklace from beads

As you can see, any girl can make bracelets by her own hands of beads and ribbons. Learning to weave simple bracelets, you can move on to more complex weaving ornaments. It is necessary to find patterns of necklaces from beads, choose your favorite and start working. And here, too, to start better with simple. In addition, master classes with step-by-step photos are very effective for teaching. With the help of such lessons everyone can learn how to weave. We can bracelets with our own hands made of beads and ribbons - this is an opportunity to have exclusive jewelry made in our own style.

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