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Decoration of cakes at home: finishing semi-finished products.

A homemade cake always evokes the enthusiasm of the household and compliments the mistress.

Decorating cakes at home will require a little experience and a little imagination. Finished biscuit, sand, layered cakes must be soaked with syrup. Lay out for each cake stuffing, remains the last stage - decoration.

Home decoration of cakes can be done quickly using chocolates, marshmallows, nuts, dried fruits, canned pineapples and peaches, biscuit crumbs. But if you want to surprise people, then you need to work hard and prepare finishing semi-finished products yourself.

Candied fruit - crocked fruit - is used not only for finishing cakes, but also for cakes and cupcakes. Candied fruit is cooked as jam, and then taken out of syrup and dried. Some of them are peppered with sugar. For this decoration, suitable, for example, oranges, apples, pears, mountain ash, watermelon peel.

Tasty and beautiful decoration of cakes at home is fruit and berries. Fresh fruit is taken, washed, allowed to drain, placed on a cake and filled with jelly. In this case, the berries do not dry up, their appearance does not deteriorate.

Fruit from the compote is also thrown back on the sieve, and jelly is cooked from the compote. Fruits are laid on the surface of the cake, pour the jelly, put in the refrigerator to freeze.

Before decorating the cake with fruit from jam, it is recommended to grease the surface with jam, and then spread the fruits along the contours marked with a knife.

Decoration of homemade cakes with marmalade gives the confectionery a brightness. You can use as ready marmalade in the form of various figures, and marmalade of own preparation. For finishing, sometimes glaze the surface of the cake with hot marmalade mass and level with a spatula.

To prepare marmalade, five hundred grams of prepared fruit is boiled in one glass of water with the addition of two glasses of sugar until thick. If you get ready marmalade with a spatula, then the layer should be two centimeters thick. At the end of cooking, you can add flavor and food coloring.

No less interesting is the decoration of cakes at home using a single-colored or multi-colored jelly . From the frozen jelly cut figurines and put on the surface of the cake.

Glaze can be prepared from powdered sugar with the addition of liquid and aromatic substances: lemon juice, chocolate, cream. Lubricating the surface of the cake with jam, to cover all the pores, the glaze is spread from above, leveled with a long knife and dried.

To make a lemon glaze, you need to mix 200 g of powdered sugar with two tablespoons of lemon juice and two with a spoonful of hot water. Next, you need to rub the mass with a wooden spoon until it turns into a uniform glossy glaze.

Lipstick is another type of finishing semi-finished products. Lipstick is flavored with fruit juices, liqueurs, wines, colored in different colors.

A fascinating process - decorating cakes at home with a drawing mass (protein, fruit). For finishing the cornet is used.

As a decoration for cakes, try to cook marzipan. The dried peeled almonds are passed through a meat grinder, mixed with powdered sugar and whipped whites. A few more times the mass must be passed through the meat grinder until it becomes uniform and doughy. Add cognac or wine to the mass, mix. From the viscous, plastic marzipan you can cut figurines, fashion jewelry.

Decorations from a cream look very attractive. To get beautiful ornaments, borders, flowers, you need confectionery devices: scallops, cornets, confectionery bag with tubes.

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