Sputum analysis: how to take it right?

Most people, most likely, did not come across such kind of research as sputum analysis. In this article we will tell you about it in detail. Also we will touch upon the subject of the analysis, the rules for collecting the material for the study.

What is the purpose of analysis?

A sputum is the secretion, which is formed in the respiratory tract of the body. If a person is doing well with his health, then he does not have such excreta. Basically, this analysis is necessary for diagnosing tuberculosis. Also, as this disease is treated, it is necessary to take this analysis. This is necessary in order to determine the dynamics of recovery. And also whether it is possible for the patient to contact people, or whether he poses a risk to others.

In addition to patients with tuberculosis, for other diseases, such as pneumonia, lung cancer and abscess, sputum analysis is prescribed. How to take it? We will discuss this further. Note that the basis for the delivery of this analysis may be a prolonged cough.

Collection Features

You should know before you pass the sputum test, how to give it properly. Since sputum has the property of accumulating at night, it is recommended to collect it in the morning. This process should be done before breakfast. An important point in the collection of phlegm is its cough. With this action, the secret will come out of the lungs. And if the person will expectorate sputum, you get a mixture of nasopharynx. Then it is not suitable for research.

The amount of secret that is needed for analysis is 5 or 6 coughs. Since the process of collecting material is specific, it is better to do it alone. The analysis for sputum (how to take it, we are now clarifying) it is better not to see close relatives. In addition, there is a risk that a person is infected with a serious illness. Therefore, for the sake of caution, it is necessary to carry out this procedure alone.

Use a special container for sputum. This vessel must be sterile. Therefore, his autopsy is performed immediately before filling.

How correctly to hand over sputum for analysis?

In order to properly deliver phlegm, you must carefully prepare. First, you should rinse your mouth with boiled water and soda. Secondly, you need to brush your teeth. After the oral cavity also should be thoroughly rinsed. Next, you need to open a window, put a chair next to it and sit down. Then prepare the container. Then you need to take two breaths and exhale. They need to be done deep. On the third breath, get up from the chair and make a quick exhalation. After this procedure, a cough should occur. Since the analysis requires 5 or 6 coughs, the procedure should be repeated several times.

There are times when a person does not get sputum. This is due to overexertion, then you need to relax. In order to do this, you need to get up and walk around the room, a good option for relaxation will be physical exercise or breast massage. Even before going to bed it is recommended to drink expectorant herbal infusions. A large amount of warm water will also contribute to positive sputum collection.

After the material is collected in a container, it must be closed with a lid. In no case is it advisable to swallow sputum.

This analysis should be immediately taken to the laboratory. The container with sputum must be delivered to the medical institution no later than 2 hours after its collection. Until the analysis is transported to the laboratory, it should be placed in the refrigerator. It is necessary to ensure that the container with analysis is separate from all products.

Children and bedridden patients. How do they go through this study?

How can I give a general analysis of sputum to children and bedridden patients? As for the children, it is impossible to explain how to pass the sputum. They swallow it. Therefore, in order to collect this analysis, take a cotton swab and through it irritate the root of the tongue. This action causes a cough due to which the sputum gets on the tampon. Then they are led through special glasses, dried and sent to a laboratory for research. Similarly, sputum is collected from people who are physically severely weakened.

Explanation of analyzes

It should be said that a healthy person does not have phlegm. If it is present, then there is a disease in the body. When analyzing sputum, its color and consistency are evaluated. If it is transparent, has a viscous structure, this is a sign of viral damage of the upper respiratory tract and the presence of diseases such as acute respiratory viral infection and acute bronchitis.

If the sputum is yellow or green, then this indicates the presence of pus in it. This sign indicates that a person has pneumonia or an abscess of the lungs. If the sputum is a shade of amber color, then this is a sign of allergy. If the body has such diseases as cancer and tuberculosis, then there is blood in the sputum. To study the cellular composition it is necessary to study its composition under a microscope.

Where to give phlegm for analysis? Practically in any laboratory, both public and private. Sputum analysis can be collected both at home and outpatient.


Now you know why the sputum analysis is done, how to take it, we have described in detail. We hope that the information in this article was helpful to you.

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